The 5 Commandments of the Assassin

A message from COVID-19

Dear humans,

I think you know me very well. I am the being that has been terrorizing you in the last few months. The cruelest killer in history and the most malicious monster in the world. Taking into consideration the fact that no one can see me by their bare eyes, and this is what makes me dangerous. I may not be as enormous as most monsters in cartoon movies; however I am much scarier than them. I know how you hate me and that you are exerting all your efforts to get rid of me. I have seen the tears in your eyes for the thousands of innocent people I killed, however no one can incarcerate me. I am the COVID!

I am not actually sending this message to remind you of the agony I caused you or even to apologize for anything, but I just have five testaments for you all.

1- Your time is limited:

If you are reading this message right now, this means that you are still alive.

I think now you can figure out how easy it was for me to kill thousands of people in just a short period of time.

Actually the massacre is not over yet. Every one of you should understand that they can be the next. You have got to invest the remaining time of your life the best way you can. Wasting your life doing nothing but slacking off and sleeping is a disaster. You had better leave your stamp in this life; otherwise, you will be buried without anyone caring about you.

2- Appreciate science and scientists:

From the first moment of the crisis, you knew that there is only one weapon you can use against me. The weapon that has never let you down throughout the history of mankind.

It’s science!

Nothing can help you but supporting scientists in their laboratories, asking them for advice and sticking to their instructions. You should understand that the only thing I depend on is your ignorance. The more knowledgeable you are the weaker I become.

3- Appreciate family:

No matter how much you are busy with your life, being complacent about spending time with your family is a crime. That’s why I have forced you all to stay home. The people who love you really deserve your mind and your time.

4- Appreciate technology:

Without the electronic devices you have now. You couldn’t have known anything about the outside world. You even couldn’t have learnt anything new during the quarantine as your school or university is now on your screen. Can you understand how Alan Turing, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did you a real favor?!

5- Appreciate humanity:

I haven’t left any part of the world without reaching it and petrifying its people. For me there is no difference between women and men, the white and the black, the rich and the poor.

I may be a criminal, but I am not a racist!

Racism and discrimination are the real viruses. But you can’t beat them by wearing a mask. In order to beat them you have to clean your heart from hatred and grudge. You should realize that when a crisis like me happens, you can’t survive without uniting together. The more you are divided the weaker you become.