The Secrets Behind Maturation

Have you ever thought for once in your life that one day you will meet variety of obstacles and you have to improve your personality to take on these obstacles on by one? Nowadays, a lot of people face challenges every day, from getting anxiety while making a presentation to a huge amount of people surrounding like sharks to lying to your closest friend as a result of getting scared something goes wrong between you and him/her. There have been several debates going out on figuring out the ways to develop your personality and to improve the ways of coping with your own surroundings. In my opinion, I think that in order to develop yourself is to build self-confidence, improve personality and control your emotions.

First of all, when it comes to talking about self-development, you have to mention self-confidence in your talk as it represents an extraordinary difference in people’s personalities. In other words, improving a little confidence in your personality helps in overtaking several barriers like getting worried in your presentation in front of many people, maintaining coolness in your harsh examinations and gaining friendships as easy as walking in the streets. This has actually helped me more than once, I remember that time a teacher proposed that I should see all the people’s heads as watermelon and go on in talking in front of all them and luckily that helped a lot, although there’s still some toughness while talking to more than one person in a time but it’s way more better than before.

Not only self confidence develops yourself but also, improving the characteristics in your personality is a main part in building a tough personality. In instance, gaining a lot of experiences such as failing or succeeding in a course or something, in both cases you have to work on yourself, if you got an A+ then you have to make sure that you maintain that level and if you failed then you have to work more on yourself. Also a part of taking your personality to a higher level is that you have to focus on your weakest and strongest points, so for example if you find yourself lying in more than one situation, you to find a way to stop and if you’re good in keeping your promises then you have to make sure that you improve this point even if its so strong in you, no one knows what will happen in the future.

Finally, controlling emotions is something you have to stop by if you want to make sure that you are developing yourself daily. In addition, we all face hard times and good time in our daily life, we lose people, we gain people, that’s life and we have to hide our emotions sometimes to show our toughness and stability against our cruel world and no speak about, we get shocked every now and then with good or bad news in every second we take a breathe in. So, if you had a funeral today, stay strong and don’t show a lot of tears and if you got a lot of friends, don’t be overjoyed, keep your emotions balanced not always depressed and not always happy, that’s the only way to cope with our world these days.

To conclude, I think that developing yourself needs gaining more confidence and belief as well as, improving your personality and controlling your emotions will open up a world with a different view and that is what we need, wee need a change and I think its half time that people start considering taking themselves to a different level.