NU Theatre Team

In the limelight a close look at NU Theatre team

As students, we have always been urged to participate in extracurricular activities, and yes, during university years, we discover that taking place in such activities is just as important as achieving academic excellence. Whether you are a part of an academic, community service or a scientific club, this all shapes the personality, strengthens current skills, and develops new ones. However, among these activities, there is something special about participating in the theatre.

The art of performing on stage is very challenging. It requires continuous contribution of the mind, body, and voice all at the same time. Because theatre performances happen in the real time, actors have to convey the whole story without the help of camera angles and edits. Theaters’ live performance does not only show one’s ability to simply “act” but also demonstrate the courage to confront the audience, and deliver them a certain message. Actors spend many rehearsal hours developing every detail about their characters, and more hours memorizing the lines they will present in the show. Despite all the preparations, things sometimes go wrong, and onstage mishaps occur. These times are what highlight the actors’ talent and frame their ability to improvise sometimes or instantly solve the problems that may happen because they know that the show must go on somehow. In theatre, the audience is the final piece in the performance. The actors have to trace the reactions of the audience throughout the show, and react accordingly. This kind of communication between the actors and the audience gives direct insights about how the performance is going, and reflects the audience’s opinion about the show. In this context, it makes sense to find the skills related to creativity, confidence and communicationdominating among the theatre members and helping them to sparkle during the performance. But theatre is not only about the actors who perform on stage but also about the brilliant crew in the backstage. It is represented through the playwright, stage director, assistant directors, music director, lighting designer, set and costume designer, and many more. Although these people do not appear during the show, they play a vital role in controlling the theatre team and unifying various efforts exerted by each member. They ensure the quality of the overall work, and lead the members to bring out the best in them. Tasks related to casting, vision creation, styling and designing are all managed by the backstage crew, and what actually drive huge value to the show.

Gladly, Nile University has a group of talented students who created a great theatre team. After the successful play (حفلة عشاء), the theatre team has renewed its magnificence with another fantastic play (+18- جمهور عام) that took place on Wednesday the 1st of May. It was directed by Khaled Shokry and written by Alaa Hassan. As a prerequisite to know more about the reasons behind the outstanding performance, I interviewed AbdoalrhmanAbouelola who is the co-founder of the theatre team. He mentioned that (+18-جمھور عام) was different for various reasons. It has combined special performances that highlighted the actors’ talents in the areas of singing, dancing and real musical performances. He also added, “This time, the theatre team was not only backed by a director and assistant directors but also by a professional directing team that included choreographer, set designer and music designer” which assured the high quality and professionalism of each aspect in the show”. With all the long rehearsal hours spent to develop every detail about the play, the theatre team has fulfilled their promise to provide a superior outcome for the audience. Their performance has highlighted the sparkling talents and explosive energies NU students have. Rounds of applause and tremendous thanks to all the great efforts exerted to revive this great art at NU. To many more successful performances.