The Journey to Self-discovery

You've come so far, don't quit now

Growing up, you thought you would have had it all together by now, gotten over the phase of feeling like your life is one big “I don’t know”. You thought you would have figured out what ignites your soul and what you would want to pursue in life. You believed you would have pieced it all together, knew who you are and what makes you stand out. Yet, your judgement is still clouded and your morals and beliefs of yesterday make no sense to the ones you have today. You keep on rediscovering yourself every day and it is exhausting. Everyday, you believe you have set a track that you’ll be following, yet halfway through you discover this isn’t what you want to settle for. You still haven’t figured out what you wake up for each day and whether today is the day where you get over this state of overwhelm. I always believed that pursuing your dreams is treading a tough path, little did I know that figuring out what you are passionate about is even tougher. And the question arises, does the journey to self-discovery ever come to an end? Do we really get over this state of confusion and uncertainty? And where does this confusion really come from?

We must understand that the this confusion comes from society rushing us into understanding who we are and that we will fall behind and lose if you we cannot make sense of what part we play in society. As simple as it may sound, the key is following you heart, and overcoming all the “shoulds” that we have been forced to follow since day one. A great part of this confusion and clouded judgement comes from only aspiring to be successful in life, yet we often overlook the fact that our number one aspiration should be happiness rather than success. We have been burdened by the wrong concept of success, we often hear the phrase “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success”. Yet, we still insist to look at it the other way round, if we truly were to follow the phrase, we wouldn’t be on such an overwhelming rollercoaster. The pressure and the self-blame we put ourselves through just for being confused is unbearable. Every single human being is confused and we are all waiting for some sort of magical clarity that will be end the state of confusion and being lost. Although, the truth is it’s all a part of human journey and maybe figuring it all out was never meant to be. The answer lies within loving yourself and understanding even if you are just a dot in the universe, you were awarded this life for a purpose, even if the purpose seems questionable to you.