"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Don’t get attached so easily. Be professional about this because people come and go, and rarely stick around. Everyone’s top priority is themselves, and despite how harsh that sounds, you know it’s true. Oh, and by the way, whatever I am going to talk about from this point on will be the blacks and whites only, because I don’t have the luxury of time to get into all the shades of grey; that would require an astronomical amount of time. So, people.. Such interesting creatures if I may say. Always looking out for themselves, and obviously you can’t blame them, since you and I do the same thing; WHICH IS WHY you should take my advice into consideration. Those people who you thought you knew and then left you for dead, yeah yeah it’s truly sad blah blah blah, then what? Get over yourself, and just like Mark Manson said in his, totally badass, book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k” “No one gives a f**k, and neither should you.” See? Easy peasy lemon-squeezy? What? You think I am just saying that because I have never been through such thing? Well, you are sorely mistaken, but that doesn’t really matter anyways, everyone has been through similar stuff, we’ve all lost people (don’t worry, we’re going to lose more), what genuinely defines who you are is your capability of moving on when such thing happens instead of sitting there all amazed and overthinking the single question (in its many variations, of course) “why did they leave?” You want to know why? Because you were no more of a use to them, that’s why. Yes, reality can be harsh, what did you expect? But anyways, you can’t do anything about them leaving, but you definitely can do something about yourself. Cry for a while, let the sadness flow with your tears, and out of your system just like that one song beautifully states “Go on and cry an ocean, but don’t drown in it, enough to put your heart at ease”. After that, fill yourself with the necessary anger and hate and be hell-bent on taking revenge. Okay, damn, let me rephrase that because that sounds way too violent for some reason. So, Ibrahim Al Fiqqi once said “Success is the best way to take revenge” and believe me, it’s never like the movies where you just magically and miraculously stand up on your feet and just move on and learn from your mistakes and become a successful person in your life, and make a documentary about how badass you’ve become after what happened to you. You DO need some negativity to give you just the right push, and to prevent you from doing the same mistake again, like a reminder, an annoying reminder that gets the job done. Then your hatred and anger will be the fuel to your turbo engine to prove them wrong, because obviously you want to make them regret leaving for whatever reason, and you will.
So yes, life is full of all kinds of nuisance in the shape of human flesh and bones. Is there a way to avoid all of this from the start? Not really, you’ll have to learn the hard way, however, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. I think you know what that means, don’t you? To wrap this up, I’d like to leave you with my very first advice; don’t get attached.