Anxiety: true colors

*Sometimes I feel like screaming by Deep Purple playing in the background*

What do most people fear? Horror movies? Wild animals? Death? There are lots of reasons why people feel afraid. However, the worst kind of fear is the one that has absolutely no reason at all. Imagine lying on the beach, smelling fresh air, leaving all your worries behind. Then suddenly, a dark hole inside your mind consumes you. The world around you starts to crumble. The fresh air becomes suffocating to take in. The sound of waves starts to seem like glass shattering over your head over and over again. Then someone asks you what’s wrong with you, and you start to freak out because you have no idea what’s going on. A horrible feeling takes over you, and you just can’t stop it. Anxiety.
What you’ve just been introduced to, is what it feels like for someone who is dealing with anxiety. This is how they feel all the time. According to Health Line, Anxiety is a mental disorder that is caused by constant fear of something bad happening; it can be normal and easy to deal with, or it can be extremely severe and interfere greatly with someone’s life (Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg). Sometimes, things might be going just fine and according to plan, but you still can’t shake the feeling that something really bad is going to happen and you over-think the worst scenarios ever. This feeling can paralyze you, distract you, make you break down and cry hysterically out of nowhere because you feel helpless. Some people even get an Anxiety attack, or what is more commonly known as a panic attack. For some of you who don’t know what this is, it’s the fear of dying even though nothing life-threatening is happening to you. Your body declares war on you, your mind tricks you into believing that you can’t breathe, your heart starts beating so fast that you think it might explode or pop out of your chest. It usually lasts for 30 minutes or less, but it is an absolutely traumatizing experience.
I bet some of you are wondering why I’m writing about something so intense and horrifying. The reason is that people need to understand how hard mental disorders can be. Most of us hate feeling afraid; wouldn’t you hate it more if there was no reason for you to feel so afraid? Or to feel intense fear for the tiniest possible reason? So, what could you possibly do? Be gentle to people who you suspect are going through this. When someone apologizes for something and you think that their apology was unnecessary, don’t roll your eyes and tell them to stop apologizing, but instead, reassure them. If someone confides in you by telling you they’re afraid of something that you think is minimal, don’t make fun of them, but comfort them.
Finally, if you are the one who is going through this, be kind to yourself. Seek help. Professional, medical help. Moreover, mental disorders can also harm one’s physical health, which will make things even worse. So, don’t put yourself at the risk of hating your life (or worse, hating yourself!) because you can’t control this mind-numbing, stomach-twisting feeling. Most importantly, don’t push the people who are willing to help you away. You’re going to be okay.