Lost and found, and lost again

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Why am I here? The big why. The eternal question. I have no doubt you have questioned your purpose in life. I have no doubt you have questioned the path you walked, the choices you made, and the consequences that led you to this exact moment. You must have felt lost at some point. You must have questioned your actions, sometimes with wonder, sometimes with remorse. I bet you still feel like you have strayed away from who and what you were intended to be.
Since I was but a child, I was fascinated by stories. Like any other, I saw myself as a protagonist. I’ve always had a way of making my stories sound like “the stuff of legend”. The more stories I heard, the more I believed my claim. I grew more and more confident that I was not a decoration of the world. Another one in the billions. I became certain that I was “destined for glory”. But I wasn’t.
We look for meanings in life. It’s in our code, our DNA. We search for the purpose behind everything. With that said, it is very natural to look for our own purpose. But should we? And more importantly, should life have a purpose at all? Why couldn’t it be just a series of adventures? A collection of memories in which we suffer and triumph, cry and laugh, lose friends and make new ones? Would that be so bad?
“Not all those who wander are lost” As said by Tolkien. We are all simply wandering across the vast fields of life. The colors around us change, and that’s alright. You will learn to appreciate the colors, to embrace them, the good and the bad. You will learn that there is nothing that perfectly suits you. You will also learn that you don’t have to find one, but wandering doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lost.
Maybe you still haven’t found your north, but that’s because you were not supposed to. Your north is wherever you choose to go. Your life doesn’t have to be about the great scientist, the fearsome warrior, or the freedom fighter. The one thing it needs to be is: original. It needs to be the story you write, the one that you choose, not the one society idolizes and glorifies.
You are not truly free until you are free to make your own fate. You were never meant to walk a pre-specified path. You have always been free to pave your own road, bash the walls and break through. You were meant to try and fail, try a new road and then another. You were never built to follow, but to lead. To lead a life, to lead your dreams, and to change the stars even if fate won’t allow it. The only thing you were destined to do is to set your own destiny.