AIESEC: An opportunity for all

“I met a lot of people in Europe, I even encountered myself."

As a non-profit organization, AIESEC aims to connect student from around the globe to share their interests and experiences. Founded in 1948, AIESEC founders have created one of the first student-based exchange programs that count as extra-curricular activities. Normally, a student chooses to “volunteer” in one of the selected countries in which AIESEC operates. After asking some of the students that took part in this program/activity, they pointed out that AIESEC provides an opportunity that all students should benefit from as it is both affordable, and independent from your overall student performance as you are not treated as a part of an academic exchange program, which is solely based on your grade point average (GPA). Ahmed Ezzat, one of Nile University’s senior engineering students stated “My taste for travelling has led me to apply for AIESEC as a volunteer; that’s how my unforgettable adventure started”. Ezzat also mentioned the various activities that AIESEC prepared and executed saying “… during my stay, I had a lot of pleasant social events with AIESEC among them: Welcome and farewell parties, went on a trip to the international village, as well as a series of festivals and cultural activities”. After asking him about his experience overall, Ezzat said “Even though the trip’s duration was brief (6 weeks) I felt like I have learned a lot; and will never forget the fantastic people I got to meet there. I can warmly recommend travelling with AIESEC”.
With those statements in mind, we urge all NU students to seek this opportunity as the cost-to-benefit is relatively very low. A few noticeable acquired skills that individuals gain from travelling abroad are independence as students get out their comfort zone “Living with their families”, and start adopting more responsibilities that definitely evolve their mind-set. Also, it helps you deal better with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, and beliefs. This prepares students with the intent of travelling abroad, whether for career/studying purposes, to be more agile and flexible, making the culture shock less severe given that they already experienced this type of exposure at a younger age. It is vital for young individuals to go through with this life changing journey in the nick of time, as everybody knows; once you are employed, an opportunity like this does not represent itself twice. To add more, this experience could be the reason you are chosen over another candidate because you were exposed to different communities, and as the famous author James Baldwin once said, “I met a lot of people in Europe, I even encountered myself”. To sum up, AIESEC offers you a chance to learn life lessons with a somewhat low cost, as people between age 18-24 still seek financial stability to some extent, AIESEC seems to be an extremely reasonable choice.