Nile University’s political environment

The return of the lost child


Recently, people have witnessed the rise of a conflict between Nile University’s (NU) students and their elected officials. It all started within the latest general meeting, from heated arguments to plain chaos after students have cornered the student union and asked them questions that seemed like they have been longing to ask, and apparently didn’t get appropriate answers to. People commented on how unorganized the meeting was, one of NU’s students stated that “There were no microphones provided. Unless you were sitting in the third row, it was hard to actually hear what was being said”. With this in consideration, the students felt as if this meeting was a cry for help rather than a way of getting the reassurance they were seeking. After conducting interviews and asking NU students, the general direction was heading towards the SU’s incompetence in some aspects, one student stated: “Degheidy, (NUSU’s president) didn’t speak in the meeting, letting Abo Taleb answer most questions and acted as if he was not the student union’s president”. Also, a student pointed out that every student is in need of understanding their rights, and that the political landscape is of extreme importance as it has affected the formation of the current SU. They also shed light that the majority of the votes were by the freshmen, and that they voted according to the frequent sweet talks by the candidates at the time. Throughout the interviews, students were reviewing the SU’s overall performance rather than attacking individuals. This indicates that the students are being more aware of the objective of having a student union which reflects on the democratic culture that this entity “Nile University” is providing to students from different faculties. Furthermore, students spoke about the miscommunication between the SU body and the students and demanded to “create sustainable channels” to reduce the lack of communication that is present currently. In addition, they (NU students) noticed that there was an apparent “Operational shock” that the current SU is facing as well as a lack in flexibility from their side. Moreover, Kareim Ellithy, who is an active member on the “Whatsup in NU” group and shared a series of posts, stated: “from my point of view, the parties were a catastrophe economically” and “As for the most important part of the meeting, what Fatooh did – from shouting and fighting as well as slamming the door – was unacceptable”. Finally, Insider NU is ready to report the events taking place on campus with the aim of delivering the voices of the students and empowering them.