The Shifting Landscape

Drastic changes within critical roles for student activities

Dynamics between the administration, student union personnel, and senators has been very tense from the beginning of the year. Leading to the current vacancy in two key roles within the student activity branch on campus, following the resignation of the SU Academic Head Dalia Zahran and Senator Moaaz Esmail.

Both Moaaz and Dalia publicly shared their resignation and their reasons for it, followed by some statements regarding problems and challenges they faced, which took a toll on their ability to properly uphold their role and responsibilities. But to further understand their situations, both were interviewed to dive deeper into their point of view.

As mentioned in her post on the university’s Facebook page, Dalia mainly resigned because she was taking a semester abroad. But when asked about the challenges she faced, she said that departments were overly bureaucratic; to the extent that arranging a meeting with a certain dean took more than three month. Dalia also noted that students lacked awareness and interests regarding decisions being made by their school’s department.

On that very same note, Moaaz also mentioned the lack of awareness and interest of students in regards to their rights. Which made him realize that the work environment was not at all as he expected. He was clashing with the SU regarding complaints of excessive spending in concerts and events that he received from students. Moaaz also mentioned that the bylaws are very grey, which makes the Senate unable to perform its job monitoring the SU apropos of efficient financial spending. Hence, the SU suffered no consequences when they refused to hand in quotations from contractors of their events.

“Moaaz’ resignation means a huge loss for the senate and the university overall,” said Mohamed Abu Taleb, the SU’s Vice President. Expressing that Moaaz leaving was not at all what the SU wanted. Adding to that note, from the administration side, the resignation might have been seen as a little bit rushed. “He should have fought more and not give up so quickly. He rushed his resignation,” said Gina Mowafy, the university’s student life manager.
With a vacancy in a senior position in the student union, along with a vacant seat in the senate, the student life on campus seems to be taking a shift. Such critical positions have huge impact on students, whether they realize it or not. Which brings frustration to some, waiting to see how the changes taking place and their consequences will roll out.