Introducing Mezaj Kitesports

Do you dream of flying away? here's your chance.

You can be chill but you’re not this chill.. Mezaj Kitesports is all about relaxing and finding your groove. Omar Gaballa, 22 year old mechanical engineering undergraduate at AUC, is starting a kite surfing brand in Egypt. This is a sport that could literally be played anywhere: on water, sand or even snow.

He wants  to promote the kite surfing sport by making an affordable brand – selling the necessary gear- so that people can be able to buy it. Mezaj Kitesports will not be teaching the sport but will simply only promote it by offering the necessary equipment at a lower rate than other centers offering it.

The inspiration behind the name is that the sport is extremely laid back and essentially is all about the “mezaj” and introducing the sports’ culture.


Spread your wings and fly away: 


Gaballa plans to start off by importing the different materials then moving their manufacture to Egypt. The art of making these kites is all about the sowing of the materials together. He plans to only import one batch to get the business started and then hire people locally and teach them how to do the sowing.

Mezaj Kitesports is offering alongside his ready-made designs, custom designs for the customers to make on their own. In fact, part of the gear is a surf-ind board which they are going to get creative with, their first design is called “mezaj 3ali”. All their designs are oriental themed.

On top of that, Mezaj Kitesports just opened their counter Spanish office. You can go check them on Instagram.

Exclusively Gaballa told Insider that once the sport is gaining popularity, Mazaj will offer long-term season rent for travelers, and hopefully in the future they aspire to team-up with Gazef and Omar Samra.”

Want more? Mezaj will also send you your equipment on location to save you the hassle.

It’s your chance. Don’t miss it.