What If Someone Gave You an Alternative Name?

Can you remember who you were, before taking your label ?

How many times have you been labeled “fat”, “black”, “nerd”, “loser”, “lazy” or even “pessimistic”? What was its impact on you?  Did you feel okay with it, or was it a burden for you to handle? Did these labels stop you from being the person you dreamt to be? Did they prevent people from getting to know you personally? Think about it! Who are we to stick labels on people we know nothing about? Who made us the judges for that task? Is it even anyone’s task?! On our road in life, we label people unconsciously, and we don’t even think how these non-sense labels would affect their track.

So let’s take a tour in the world of labels and their impacts on the subject being labeled :

1) “Nerd”

That person who is highly intelligent, taking too much care of his studies while forgetting about his social life. They have that “nerdy” appearance of big eyeglasses and messy old-fashioned clothes. According to people’s label for these subjects, they are isolated from other teens or people their age, staying apart from everyone and not enjoying happiness in their lives. They become friends only with other “nerds” that act in the same way they do, which probably steals their own happiness and keeps them from being amiable. Another effect is having these people kept from being much better in their fields, as they are always surrounded by such label, which definitely makes them feel as if they are disgusting!

2) “Shy”

Someone who is a fairly quiet kid and happy to play on his own, but very curious about the world, pretty much like other kids at that age. He just needs his own time and space to be comfortable and express his own thoughts after that. I have linked shyness here to being a “kid”, as it’s a character that is inherited and will probably remain as you grow on. Such label may stop the kid from engaging with his surroundings because he is just labeled so without giving him enough time to change it. That is not helpful by any means as it is damaging to the child to continue hearing so about themselves. Sometimes such behavior is attached to a kind of anxiety disorder, or sometimes it’s just someone who is shy by nature. In either cases, such word mustn’t be a label regarded as being negative.

3) “Overweight” or ” Underweight”

Such labels are linked with being too fat or too thin, respectively, having more or less weight than the normal, or even having that kind of mismatched body. No one will like being labeled by such an offensive word, so it’s definitely criticism or bullying rather than just a label. For instance, if someone is regularly called “fat or skinny”, he may view himself as overweight or underweight even after he loses or gains the “required” weight. This way of deformed body shape label is absolutely the beginning of an eating disorder or the fear of food. Why are these people labeled so instead of knowing if they suffer from certain hormone deficiency, have a certain disorder, or even if they are fat or skinny just for the love or hate of food. Who are you to label them?!

4) “Black”

That person who has dark skin whether being a native or from any other country he belongs to. This is one of the racial labels, that it is considered somehow a crime to call someone so. Is anyone comfortable with choosing his own shape? Does it even matter what color our skin is? Such word is so much demeaning, as you’re discarding away such person’s own self-confidence by regarding him as black and calling him so.

5) “Ugly”

That is nothing more or less than being labeled “black”, as no one has the freedom of choosing his own facial appearance or looks. This labeling  is usually done in front of others and is meant to encourage others to view the person as “ugly”, as well. If the labeling is repeated over time, others -including the target- may begin to accept the fact of being so. And eventually, that hurtful label can become part of who that person is, lessening his own self-esteem.

6) ” Outsiders or Loners “

That label is given to someone who doesn’t belong to a specific group. It was misused to describe people who don’t fit in with popular kids. But isn’t it too harsh to label them so without getting to know them? Maybe they possess great personalities but aren’t given a chance to show them. This will have a worse impact on people labeled so by them accepting such fact and just staying as lonely as they already are.

7) ” Goth “

A person who likes to dress and act differently than other people in society, usually in black but some like much brighter colors. Why are you labeling such person when maybe deep down inside him, he just likes black or bright colors. He has the same interests as you but just dresses differently. Labels are like covering someone’s real identity, you’re basically giving them a costume.

8) ” Loser ”

A person who failed in a particular activity. Why is it linked; to be a “loser” when you have failed two or three times at something. This absolutely means those times didn’t go so well, so instead of accepting that fact, work harder to approach what you really dream of, or think of how you can attain your goal differently next time.

9) ” Weak “

That person who lacks sufficient bodily strength. Such label is one of the most horrible ones, as it describes someone based on his outside looks rather than getting to know if that person owns specific inner strength or not. This will affect the person, depressing him, making him fear the public, always looking behind him and losing his own self-confidence.

To sum this up, it’s crystal clear that labels are the meanest way of judging someone, as you aren’t even giving him the chance to express what’s deep inside him. The use of labels is more than unfair, it’s hurtful as well. All these aforementioned labels, besides too many others, are making us lose a lot of fascinating characters, due to our harsh labeling for them. So, stay on your path, never stop and wait for others to label you because definitely, you’re beautiful the way you are.

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