5 Ways to Balance Between Studying and Creativity

"Imagination and creativity are the most wonderful combination that anyone can ever enjoy."

Indeed, the pace of nowadays life forced most of us to focus in one way or another only on our studies, responsibilities, and problems. Actually, this prevents most of us from escaping our daily routine to our imaginative world, where doors are widely open for our creativity to stand out. However, it’s not an impossible matter to mingle creativity to our life again. Here are 5 ways that will promote your mind to think outside the box:

  • Keep a notebook and a pencil with you

As we never know when new ideas might hit us, always keep a notebook with you. So, you will be able to write them down whatever pass by your mind at any given time. In fact, this simple act of writing will give you a chance for an endless flow of creativity. Nevertheless, this is not new, as the most famous creative figures used to keep a notebook, a piece of paper or a journal to write down their ideas, such as Leonardo da Vinci who was known for keeping a journal of ideas.

  • Ask Questions

“Asking questions is the cornerstone of any creative idea.” So, always ask questions about anything that grabs your attention. Indeed, a number of inventors and artists created their inventions or pieces of arts by asking questions. One of these originators was Albert Einstein, who once asked: “what would it be like to run beside a light beam at the speed of light.” and then led out to be one of the most innovative physicists of all time.  So, this means that asking questions always takes us to higher levels of creativity.

  • Read books

In one way or another reading is an important source of creativity as it enhances your mental abilities, broads our minds, exposes you to new perspectives and takes you on a tour in the insightful and ingenious world. Accordingly, this will help you can escape from the daily routine for 1 or 2 hours and amplify your creativity.

  • Go on a walk

Once in a week go on a trip in a natural place such as a garden or a landscape on your own. This trip will help you to be calm, have inner peace and give your brain time to breathe and refresh, which in accordance will improve the quality of your creativity.

  • Group work

Always work in a team because teamwork exposes you to new ideas which will give you the chance to a wide range of creativity

These tips are very few for your mind to expand and explore new hidden doors of masked creativity; however, always keep searching for anything that you can use in your daily life to connect you with creativity.

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