Tips for becoming an excellent presenter

Having too many stunning ideas ,but you fear revealing them to the public ? It isn't impossible anymore , Here in your GUIDE to make it happens !

Have you ever been too shy to present your topics? Are you the kind of person that fears standing in front of too many people and expressing your own perspective?  Throw  all your obstacles away, and pay your full attention, because here is your guide to become an impressive presenter.

After selecting a suitable topic and preparing a well-organized presentation, here are some tips to make you capable of presenting your own points.

1) Analyze your topic well. It’s very critical to spend enough time gathering all the information about your subject, in order to be certain and knowledgeable when presenting it .

2) Organize your topic by writing an outline for your presentation, so that your ideas are in an organised order to be presented to your audience .

3) Rehearse many times in order to know your topic by heart, so that you are capable of receiving all the questions by your full understanding of the topic .

4) Engage your audience. This one is the most important tip, as the key of differentiating between a good presenter and a bad one is engaging the audience; whether by asking questions to let them guess about the topic or by telling them a story.

5) Keep eye-contact. It’s essential to have a glance and to scan your presenting area every now and then, as the connection with your audience through eye-contact affects your speech by adding honesty and trustworthiness to it.

6) Communicate with your listeners. This can be held by asking for their perspectives  about  certain issues.

7) Use visual aids like attention-grabbing, colorful images, graphs and charts. This catches your audience’s attention and keeps them on track with your topic.
8) Manage your stress. This can be achieved through presenting your topic to a close friend or a family member and asking for  their feedback. Also, stop thinking about what is going to happen. Just remain confident!

9) Be presentable as your look speaks much about your professionalism .

10) Give time for questions at the end. Allow your audience to ask questions and give  clarified answers to them. In case you don’t know the answer, tell them that you’ll search for it and answer them later on.

Moreover, there are some criteria which distinguish between a normal speaker and a professional one

A) Move throughout your presentation to make your audience engaged  with your topic and focused on what you’re presenting.

B) Speak clearly in a suitable voice to make all your listeners capable of hearing your speech.

C) Listen to others’ presentations in order to learn from other presenters’ skills.

D) Make short pauses whenever your presentation is too long, to keep the audience engaged in your subject. This can be done by telling a clear, non-offensive joke that’s related to your topic.

E) Ask for your audience’s feedback in order to learn from their experiences.

So, here you are, equipped with all the necessary tips to overcome your fear of the public. Go on, mix them with your unique spirit  and personality to become an effective speaker. And always remember that not all leaders are great communicators and not all great communicators are leaders.

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