And It’s Valentine’s Day again

Valentine's day; history and global traditions.

February the 14th will always be the day, where everything around you is covered in flowers and hearts. Now that day has came once again, the internet would be buzzing with new ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day. That said, you might be wondering how did this day of love has actually originated and why that each year, we mark our calendars to remind us to shower our loved ones with the declaration of our love towards them.

Back in the day, it wasn’t all about hearts and flowers. To be specific, it all started out in Rome when a priest named “Valentine” started helping young couples in getting married, but sadly the emperor wasn’t happy with having young men get distracted by marriage. And so, declared that single men would do better as soldiers. But since Valentine thought of how unfair that was,  he started celebrating marriages in secret. When the emperor found out he was thrown in jail and got sentenced to death. Not so much of a happy ending, right?

People Often tend to receive and give Valentine’s cards where they pour out all their flooding feelings on a piece of paper. But has anyone ever stopped to wonder “Why do we give Valentine’s cards?”. It is said that after being imprisoned, Valentine kept sending letters to a young girl he loved and signed it “From your Valentine”, and with that the whole card gesture was born.

If romance isn’t for you and you want to think outside the box, try new things and celebrate this day differently. After a bit of research, I found out unique traditions around the world that people do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and here is what I came across:

In Malaysia, women write their phone numbers on oranges before throwing them into the closest river, with hopes that the man of their dreams will pick one up, now that’s what I call as romantic!

In South Korea, women give men chocolates. Yes, you read that right, they don’t wait around for any man, they make the first move themselves, talk about GIRL POWER.

In Italy , they celebrate an old tradition were young unmarried women would wake up really early, and look from the window to try and spot the first man walking down the street. The tradition implies that upon seeing the man, they shall automatically spend the rest of their lives together, wow.

In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day celebrations are definitely all hearts and flowers, but one crazy tradition has swept the country and led to thousands of couples sharing a wedding day on February 14th.

Now that all the countries I mentioned had fascinating ways in showing love, its time to face some serious thoughts about February the 14th.  While it is true that everything is covered with red glitter and flowers, some people do get uncomfortable with this day because they don’t have a special someone to share it with. It’s time to put all these feelings away, and remember that there is no rule that says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a love interest.

It’s all about the love anyway, it doesn’t matter who you show it to, either to friends or family. It is just another day after all,  its another day to remind us that we need extra love in this world. So be generous with the love you give and don’t just stand there cross-armed, and remember that there are stores that have massive discounts on chocolates that day, but you did not hear it from me!