Education: Life Necessity or Just Luxury?

Can you be poorly educated and still be incredibly successful?!

In the eyes of the public, the higher the education you receive , the higher your chances will get to be selected out of millions to be the top in whatever you aim to get out of life. This concept ultimately judge  people who drop out of school expecting them to be slinging burgers at fast food joints for the rest of their lives. Here comes the question, can you be poorly educated and still be incredibly successful ?!

In my opinion, the answer is Absolutely YES. Now let me justify my answer by taking you in a trip through real life successful stories of people who weren’t exactly the high achievers when it came to education but are definitely success legends. Our first stop in our trip will be at the famous co-founder of Apple “Steve Jobs”, who only attended collage for six months yet managed to play an important role in the revolution of technology over the years by introducing the iPod, iPhone and iPads. Basically he controlled the world by a press of a button without having a diploma.

Our second stop is a combined examples of people throughout history starting from the one and only “William Shakespeare” the famous poet and playwright, the U.S president “Abraham Lincoln” and finally the physicist “Albert Einstein” who all received no, very little or even dropped out of high school and still remarkably managed to become well-reputed and successful in life. You can blame luck for their success but take a moment and think of it, how lucky can a person be to make human history?! Well, it must be something more than just luck that even lack of education couldn’t stop it.

Education being a life necessity or just a luxury will always be debatable. That comes from the way many people think that education is critical to teach a person to be creative and improve his/her thinking thus builds up a skilled and a valuable person, giving him/her the ability to rise and move ahead. On the other hand, others don’t support the essentiality of the education as they believe that it only gives us guidelines not determine our future. Consequently, we should not depend on it and we should start focusing more on our goals and visions without limiting ourselves to books and theories.

All in all, we can all agree that the real definition of education is any act of learning and applying the knowledge gained correctly in a field to achieve the best outcomes and convert the effort to success. So now you see that education is not exclusive to schools or colleges as it may also come in its best form from life experiences and taking chances which have to be lived and not taught. Finally, make no mistake confusing education with intellgence and at the end of the day success and success only is the desire to achieve great goals.