50 shades of colors

Maybe your t-shirt's color is the reason why you can't stop eating.

Luckily the world has become more and more colorful; where color shades are increasing daily and everyday a new color is discovered. Colors are the bright side of life, they influence people’s behaviors and moods, they affect us mentally, physically and emotionally, also colors are used in different cultures to celebrate different events,

According to psychology, each color has its own indication, meaning, certain influence or certain stimulation on a person’s mood for example;

Red:  it’s the color of energy, passion and action, it is energizing, gives confidence to those who are shy, it is as warm as fire, it is the color of love and also the color of hatred. Red is used to describe speed, power, strength, determination, excitement , anger and it is the universal color of danger

Orange: is the color of the sun when it rises and when it sets, color of warmth, optimism, happiness, safety, health, friendship; it is the better version of red

Yellow: the color of new ideas, it helps in studying and focusing, it is a cheerful, happy, challenging and analytical color and it refers to wisdom and logic

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Green: color of earth, growth and harmony. Color of balance, adventure, stability, love of family and friends, kindness, loyalty, compassion and hope

Blue: It’s the color of creativity, it represents loyalty, trust and honesty. The blue color is idealistic, nostalgic that lives in the past, it shows confidence, peace; it reduces stress and makes you feel calm, relaxed and free

Purple: it’s the color of spirituality, imagination nobility, free spirit, sensitivity, creativity, magic and being selfless

Pink: it indicates the unconditional and the sentimental love, compassion, understanding, romance, warmth, hope, sweetness, naivete, feminine and intuitive energy.

Black: It’s the color most associated with power, death, mystery and evil, It’s also mysterious and shows strength, not to mention black is elegant, very formal and represents grief and fear.


Colors in different cultures

Different colors mean different things in different places, and some countries are known for their colorful cultures and events.

Red for example, in India it is the most powerful color in this culture, it holds many meanings; for instance a married woman can be known by the red henna on her hands and red powder known as” sindoor” on her hairline

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Also in South Africa, red is connected with mourning and grieving, in the country’s flag it symbolizes sacrifices that were made to reach their independence.

From depression to royalty to trust, blue holds more meanings than any other color around the world.
Blue is also a symbol of masculinity and represents the birth of a boy, the opposite of China, where blue is considered a feminine color.
After gaining its freedom from Spain in the 19th century, Mexico chose to display green in its flag to represent independence.

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yellow in France, indicates jealousy, betrayal and weakness, in the 10th century they used to paint the doors of traitors and criminals yellow. But on the other side in Japan, it presented wealth and bravery.

Purple dye were difficult to be produced, as it used to be extracted from the sea sails, so it became a status symbol between kings, queens and Nobel men used to wear it in ancient Rome.

Pink in china, was unrecognized until the western influence increased, and pink in the Chinese language means the “foreign color”.


Fun facts about colors

  • blue is the most popular color.
  • “red is the first color that the baby can see, as it has the longest wavelength so it can be easily  distinguish”  -bausch website.
  • Men and women see the world differently

“Women see the red-orange spectrum clearer then men, due to a certain gene that only sits on the X chromosome, and since women has 2 X chromosomes, so they have double the amount of that gene than men” – campuserve website.

  • All fast food restaurants like MCDonald’s, KFC and burger king have something in common as their logos have red and yellow colors, as its believed that they are the most appetizing colors.

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  • Orange appeared in the 13th century referring to the fruit, while the color was initially named ” geoluhread”, which means the fruit was named before the color.
  • Mosquitoes love blue:

“They are attracted to dark colors especially blue, so next time you go camping make sure you wear a light-colored clothes” – insects about website.

  • Yellow causes nausea, so it is avoided in airplanes.
  • Finally it is all in your head; colors are created in our brains by analyzing the white light and convert it to different colors.


Colors are the most beautiful things in life, they make us feel alive, happy and creative, they make cultures and convey stories and add life to literally everything.