Meet CleanTech Arabia’s Co-Founder: Ahmed Huzayyin

“You give us hope, and we are just scratching the surface so far.” - Dr. Ahmed Huzayyin

In light of RiseUp’s philosophy, that creates a common place for all the entrepreneurship game players to connect together, along with investors, startups, NGOs and other organizations. Therefore, CleanTech Arabia decided to join the Summit in order to let their ideas flow within and outwards to be shared with other organizations and developers that attended.

Dr. Ahmed Huzayyin, Cleantech Arabia’s Co-founder explained more on Cleantech Arabia saying it’s a non-profit organization with a mission to advance job creation, local economic development, and environmental protection in the Arab world. It serves the market need while creating a less negative impact on the environment and resources.

What are the required components to research green technology? 

Dr. Huzayyin mentioned that all the needed puzzle pieces to form the research picture are available at CleanTech sectors. The researches, the interested entrepreneurs, and financial benefactors are all parts of the pieces, however, one of the most important aspects is to shed light on such hard-working people who have an idea, and provide them with the necessary resources. Which is the whole idea of entrepreneurship summits as RiseUp summit; to believe that all pieces are available, only to connect them together is the key, which applies to all CleanTech sectors.


Moreover, when asked about the relation between economics and clean technology, Dr. Huzzayin stated that “this is purely market dynamics.” He proceeded to say that all companies CleanTech worked with had a very high income and profit that multiplied for several consecutive years, thus making life easier. Consequently, it is safe to state as a fact that there are plenty of ongoing researches related to clean technology here in Egypt, as Dr. Huzayyin stated, and about 57 companies are available on CleanTech Arabia’s database to provide the resources needed for such researches. He added that for approximately every 10,000 pounds invested, a new job is created every year at the firm. These companies also provide services, mainly to industrial and agricultural companies rather than the usual consumer.


Dr. Huzayyin also referred to the importance of rules and regulations that are set by the government, and continued to explain further how he believes that if some of these rules were modified, it would open doors to several SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and better chances, and subsequently easier procedures to build a startup business or organization from scratch, since governmental funding is not necessary if the capital amount is 100,000-200,000 pounds as an example.


Finally, we asked Dr. Huzzayin about the secret behind creating a successful startup business as a young entrepreneur and developer. He narrowed it down to only three steps as some criteria to follow:

1- To study your idea and product well in order to be fully in depth with the whole process of creating.

2- To find a balance between being stubborn and insisting, and knowing your mistakes to move on about, so as to use it as a ladder to getting a step closer to success; which Dr. Huzayyin finds as a crucial point to take into consideration.

3- And finally, to believe that success is not related to gaining a large amount of money, but all about selling a loyal customer who will eventually be satisfied with your product.


And as for you aspiring young entrepreneurs and business major students, we inquired whether there are any workshops or job opportunities or even training programs available at CleanTech Arabia. He happily mentioned that there are a lot of workshops and training sessions provided and that the company is willing to adopt any entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, in order for him/her to launch a startup business. For more details concerning that aspect, visit their website and Facebook page regarding program timings and availability at your area, if you are interested in clean technology.



Facebook page: Cleantech Arabia