Bright Creations

We interviewed Mr. Harrison Austin; Production Manager of Bright Creations.

Bright Creations is a digital marketing agency and software house that helps in creating applications to facilitate the lifestyle of individuals and business-wise atmospheres. Today, they are exhibiting three applications at RiseUp Summit 2016:
1) Passin: an attendance-tracking app that uses geo-fencing technology. It aids companies in tracking their employees’ arrival and departing times. The application refreshes every 15 minutes, so lazy employers, indolent attitude is not a choice anymore.
2) Travel Bucket: a travel networking app that shares all the details you did during your travels with your friends and family. This encourages travellers to go to certain regions based on highly-rated activities.
3) Nav&go: an indoor navigation app which displays detailed maps of the places and events you’re checked in to to facilitate your roaming throughout this specific area.

In addition, Mr Harrison Austins; Production Manager of Bright creations said that he was impressed by the event, and that this is one of the most contemporary events he ever went to.
He added ” In contrary to what I expected for the event to be featured in an old-fashioned theme, we have found things much smoother in terms of handling and approaching the audience and organizers. He concluded by reiterating his happiness with us to stay in Cairo, and his participation in the Rise Up place where he sees it resembles “Sillicon valley”.
The event raised a lot of audience admiration and some expressing astonishing economic future for Egypt, despite the circumstances, given what they saw from enthusiasm of the youth.