MIU in the Sports Field

Get in touch with what has happened in the past few years and what is going to happen during the next days

Get in touch with what has happened in the past few years and what is going to happen during the next days


We all used to go training in different kinds of sports, until our senior high school year came by: this part of our lives that makes us quit all what we do in life and focus only on studying so as to achieve the best scores possible. However, when you apply for college, and especially if it has a strict attendance policy like MIU, you still get to have fewer chances to meet again with the ball.


Of course the best way to start talking about sports, especially here in Egypt, is to start with football. Football for many college guys is another world; it’s a passion more than just a hobby. So if MIU starts any sports activity it’s probably football that has all the spots on. In the fall of 2014, a competition started and most footballers in the university applied, making a team of five and choosing a name for the team, and the winning team in the end of the competition received a trophy (only a trophy don’t hope for vouchers, money etc). And the one who handed them the trophy was one of the greatest footballers, MedhatShalaby, who attended the final game and also managed to commentate it.


“What I liked the most about the game? Well, I liked how they were well organised and how the gym coaches were the referees in the games” said Abdelrahman Hussien, winner of 2014th football competition. Consequently, in the fall of 2015 the same competition started but the celebrity who attended the final game was the footballer Ahly Star Eslam El-Shater.


Furthermore, MIU also showed some interest in the last few years in other balls like basketball, volleyball and table tennis, but applications are few and no celebrities attended. The awards for the winners were also trophies just as those of football. Basketball court was much bigger than what it is now, but in 2015 the size got a little diminished to make some more seats and benches for students. Concerning the table tennis, they have also started a competition this year and generally you should make reservations for tables before playing.


The issue that concerns a lot of athletes in MIU is the football field; students are dissatisfied with this lack of care for the grass field, for it really needs reconstruction. Abdelrahman also added that the duration of the game is only 10 minutes, so if the opponent team made an early strike in the first minutes of the game they have no enough time to reverse the roles or even make a tie.


Due date for applying in the competition was last Wednesday, it has passed already, and all competitions will start in a few days. The games will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Good luck for all the competitors, and if you missed the registrations try not to miss the watch!