10 Myths about Private Universities’ Students

Sometimes it’s a tuna sandwich with a latte and a donut, other times you find yourself caught up in the middle of a long queue in front of Shabrawy

One of the most irritating situations that you will ever find yourself stuck into, is that time when you have to explain yourself. The funniest part is that you are not even that abnormal, you are just stereotyped. In our Egyptian Society, there’s an endless list of misconceptions about Private universities’ students, here are the top ten….

#1 My dad is a thief, My mom is the queen of England

Seriously guys?!!! The closest queen I ever got to see is queen Latifah and not even face to face and the closest thing my dad ever got to stealing was stealing my breath away when I am about to be doomed for something I don’t even remember doing. Bottom line, you are often seen as a spoilt brat that always gets what they want. The truth is, it’s not always that easy. Sometimes it’s a tuna sandwich with a latte and a donut and that’s usually because my grandmother was just at our house and gave me some love -if you know what I mean-, other times you find yourself caught up in the middle of a long queue in front of Shabrawy. Basically, you get the best of both worlds and that is perfectly NORMAL folks!

#2 Vanity is my middle name

Seriously, why do people get surprised when they hear us talk about politics, economics or even science?! It just feels like we all escaped from “Legally Blonde” or something. Students get labeled empty headed just because they study in a private university. Now if that process of labeling is not stereotyping. Then I don’t know what is?!

#3 We didn’t have an exam last week or did we?

Okay, there are some students who can’t even remember which year they are inand these are the majority but that’s only because they are out of energy, out of money and out of shape from all those exams and assignments that never seems to end. You are either preparing for an assignment, doing the assignment or delivering it . The thing is, we all differ in our academic performances. Some of us are a bunch of know-it-all nerds who got the required score for public universities but chose a better quality education. Some others are neither A nor F students. And of course there are the “La La land” citizens who have no idea what they are doing in the university or even in this planet!

#4 it’s all about rainbows and unicorns in our world

“You have got everything cut out for you!” That’s one thing we do hear a lot. You have no problems, no pressures and no worries whatsoever. You would find the perfect job and the perfect salary. Really?! Do I also get prince charming/Barbie girl or is that in another baggage?! In life you reap what you sow, it’s as simple as that, I am not Wizard of Oz and I don’t have fairly odd parents.

#5 A little bit sissy?!

Starting from the way you talk, to the car your mama bought for you, you will be seen as a sissy irresponsible kid. Not only that, but people will treat you like a cutie pie, who would cover their ear when they hear someone curse! Well let me tell you this, if being a person with good manners who struggles to get a good grade not to waste his parents money who worked so hard to get is being a sissy nowadays then yes I’m a sissy and it’s about time that everyone becomes a sissy too.

#6 I don’t do drugs! I sell them!

“I’m in a private university, then I’m a drug addict.” There is no TV show or a movie ever set in a private university that didn’t feature a drug addict as a main character. It’s like an unwritten code stating that joining a private university leads to immoral behaviors. People we can’t afford drugs! And even If we can we will probably spend it on Caffeine as that’s the one thing we are guilty of being addicted to.

#7 University is cute.. We are always pampered!

Oh! That’s definitely true! No attendance, the examsare silly, we have perfect schedules, the administration LOVES us and doctors give us marks for free to cheer us up. I even get chocolates and a ring of roses over my head while passing through the gates every day in the morning. Wake up! It’s a university in Egypt not Hawaii.

#8 The curriculum is way easy!

I mean, did you ever hear about someone who got an F in a private university? Perhaps you’ve heard about summer courses? If you think that private universities has an easier curriculum, I’ll answer you in a 3 letters word… M.. I.. and U *eye roll* so don’t even dare make me say that twice….

#9 It’s so much fun being in a private university.. Aka MIU

Again let’s be specific and talk about our beloved prestigious university. You know how much fun MIU can be *crying inside* the food Court is probably the only entertainment you can get on campus. Of course that was before the closing of some nice food venues this year. I mean Cook Door?! Seriously?!

#10 We don’t dream

WE DO, we have ambitious dreams and they go beyond the sky. No one and nothing, not even stereotyping can ever take that away from us.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what people think of you. Don’t mind the myths, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You are what you are and in the future you could be whoever you want to be.