9 Tips on surviving summer courses in Ramadan

Is summer course in Ramadan hard and tiring? Yes.

Is summer course in Ramadan hard and tiring? Yes.
But can you make it feel better and less exhausting? Of course.

Fasting Ramadan and attending summer course can be both a challenging and the most rewarding experience. So here are some suggestions that will help you survive summer courses in Ramadan.

#1 Get Enough Sleep

First of all sleep is going to be your best friend in every single lecture and if you’re strong enough you will start sleeping in the middle of the lecture instead of its beginning. So, what you should do is organise your sleep hours throughout the whole day and try to have 8 hours of sleeping even if it’s not continuous.

#2 Never Skip Suhoor

It is rare to encounter someone who has never skipped suhoor. Some simply don’t have the time to eat. In truth, it is never a good idea to skip suhoor. It is best to find the time to sleep early and wake up in time for suhoor to eat well and try to stock up on high-energy foods and a lot of water.

#3 Ready yourself during Iftar

Thirst and Hunger will hunt you even if you’re sleeping in the lecture so what you have got to do is following this trick which is to divide your meals and drinks into 3 or 4 times during night instead of taking all in your Iftar. This trick helps your body to keep its nutrients and keeps you hydrated through conserving your body liquids for the next day.

#4 Surviving the weather

Refreshing during this hot weather is an important trick many people neglect. Part of staying awake and focused in the lecture and refreshed throughout the day is to refresh every hour or two by washing your face and hands with soap water, using wipes and alcohol based sanitizer every time you feel snoozing during the lecture.

#5 Manage your energy

Since the human body stores the required energy it needs to be functioning during the hours from Fajr till Maghrib, make sure that you do the most of studying early in the morning without exhausting yourself. Moreover, make sure to have enough negative rest in between lectures in a cool place away from the tough sun. Furthermore, try as much as possible to avoid multi-tasking. Don’t try to recite Quran, for example, while chatting with your friends or finishing your assignments. Focusing on just one task at a time helps getting the task done in less time with better quality.

#6 Mange your time

Once Ramadan begins, time flies so fast. Why don’t we make a ‘to do’ list of things at the beginning of Ramadan and work out how to achieve them by the end of the holy month. Put the most important tasks first. Go for the most important tasks when your energy is in its highest levels. At the end of the day, wrap things up and prepare for tomorrow. Review your list, cross off all completed tasks, and move any pending items to a fresh list for tomorrow.

#7 Watch less TV

Unfortunately, many students stay up all night or spend most of the night watching comedy shows and series instead of doing useful things. It’s fair enough to balance things through watching your favorite show or series that you choose but if watching TV becomes the mood of this month’s, then you have to know that you are missing the whole point of fasting and wasting your precious time.

#8 Stay calm

Fasting teaches patience and how to control your anger in different situations. Hence, anger can harm the essence objective of fasting. A person will be best in fasting if they control their anger; therefore, breathe in enough oxygen at all times. As that most of the stress is due to less breathing and more worry and unrest of a person. Thus, it’s of a paramount importance for everybody to control anger and stay cool during fasting no matter what!

#9 Gathering

Ramadan is all about sharing its values of spirituality, generosity and kindness with others, especially your friends. With your group of friends on campus, you might find mates willing to go to a combined iftar, combined prayers, recite Quran, corporate charity gifts, or other spiritual activities. Sharing these moments with friends will be definitely add to a bit of fun and love to the observance of Ramadan.

The key is to face Ramadan with the positive attitude to get ready for the arrival of the dear guest.