I Need a Vacation from a Vacation!

This goes out to all MIUians out there who love adopting the fact that they're one with the couch.

I believe the true appeal to vacations is escapism, to escape the pressure and demands of a typical, social life. We go to MIU, meeting the expectations of our supervisors and colleagues. We return home, meeting the expectations of our friends and members of family. We must also meet the expectations of strangers, acquaintances, potential employers, potential lovers, etc. A lot of expectations all around. Much like a poem or story, movie, song or game, a vacation gives us a time to breath, to emphasize who we are as individuals and our place in the world.

This goes out to all of the people out there that love adopting the fact that they are one with the couch, there are a lot of people in your age group that just love being at home no matter what is happening outside . Michael Jackson himself might be having a worldwide tour at your door step and you wouldn’t even notice because you’re stuck on the couch binging on the latest episodes of How I Met You Mother (no shade being thrown at Mr. Jackson or How I Met Your Mother), but the point of the matter is sometimes you guys can be home buddies and its totally your right, I mean who wouldn’t want to eat their weight in delicious buttery popcorn while watching their favorite Ramadan series? But how about it people? Summer is coming along and with everybody being stuck with eating right and hitting the gym for the “perfect” body wanting to start summer like you see in movies. How about you as an individual make a promise and it’s not even that big of a promise, its actually so simple that you can do it in your sleep, are you getting curious? How about this so called promise can actually change your life and make you less stressed than of course you already are. Ready, well this so called promise is that you from this day forward have to promise yourself to just live life to the fullest. Yes, it’s that simple dear audience because the most precious thing we have is time, and sadly it’s the most taken for granted thing as well, you can’t know for sure that things you have right in front of your eyes will be here tomorrow, never take anything for granted not even the life you live, fill it with the craziest adventures that will make you guys say with complete nostalgia remember when…………, OR ELSE you will feel like you will Never Have a Vacation, and Like every time, vacation is done, better next year!