MNS owned by BBC!

MSN were no show and BBC overran Barca's defense in the second half. While MSN didn't even bother to track back.

This was a game of steel and the MSN were outmuscled in this clash.

It wasn’t Barca’s day. Good game and Real completely deserve the victory today they played a very good game defensively and were lethal on their counter attack and capitalized on their chances in 2nd half Barca dominated the 1st half w possession and chances but their front 3 attackers barely had an impact on the game.

Overall this Madrid side looked hungry and were much more efficient in their tasks! Barcelona back line is always a big suspect. If you noticed I am attacking team attacks them they are a real mess.


In today’s game, he was great and I actually liked the way he was acting. It seems that Zidane has a good influence on him. If Ronaldo would change his goofy, selfish ways, become less annoying with his posing and be more of a team player like MSN. If Ronaldo starts playing for the team and respect his teammates more, Real Madrid would actually become much better team and much more likable. Ronaldo clipped the bar 5 minutes before he scored the winner!


People are forgetting that Messi was playing for Argentina only two days ago. Then he had to catch a plane back. So he really had no rest for this game. Same goes for Suarez and Neymar, the South American players had it tougher. Ronaldo had all the rest in the world as he only played a bit part for Portugal. Messi was fatigued today.


This confirms what I thought about Luis Enrique, hide behind MSN but when the going gets tough, incapable of making tactical decisions that will change the course of a match. That was Zidane first Clasico and he won it after his team conceded first and with James Rodriguez on the bench. Zidane installed his football intelligence into tactics which were spot on! Definite upgrade from Rafael Benitez.


The referee was pathetic once again, ignoring things, totally locking consistency and negatively affecting the game. Messi should have had a penalty on that Ramos clear foul and Bale’s goal should have stood by a mile! I think I can do better refereeing than these bribe taken referees. I mean come on even a kid can see bale hasn’t foul.

Barca may win the league yes but they are not dominant as people think it’s clearly they can’t do much better than Real Madrid or Atletico this season.