10 types of students you meet at MIU

But the question is; which type of student are you?

MIU is a jungle full of various kinds of students. Beside your college life, you will have to deal with all of them. For some student, they have to belong to a group of these in order to survive, while others just get along in the silence of the background!

#10 Guys Living in LA LA Land

They campus big heads; they never ever take anything serious for the whole semester and have no idea what they are doing over here. They are usually over-loaders. You would seldom see those attending lectures every now and then. Even when they do, it is because they have nothing else to do or just because they have to. But even when they bless us with their precious presence, they never pay attention to what the doctors say. However, their happy-go-lucky attitude transforms all of a sudden into something creepy once the final exams schedule is officially proclaimed: they run around for help, because they have spent the rest of the semester just making the lives of the front-benchers deplorable.


#9 Foxy guys

During the whole semester, they pretend they don’t study and know nothing about the curriculum. They keep asking others what they know. Hence, they try to enquire the level of competition they are facing. Their most bothersome side is that they will always ask you every possible thing, but when you need help they will tell you that they know nothing. If you ask them about their preparations just one day before the exam day, they will nonchalantly tell you that they have read one chapter and the remaining nine are still unprepared. Well, the truth is they are either 100% ready for the exam or there is only one chapter that still needs their fast review. Their parents teach them that honesty is the best policy; yet, they keep telling them never tell their friends that they are studying!


#8 Familiar Strangers

Substantially, no one even knows these students exist or notice their absence. They are more than what meets the eye and have a kind of a separate world. They never say a single word in lectures, and we seldom know if they pass or fail. They are rare guest that sometimes everyone forgets they are their groupmates. They spend their gaps hanging out in their benches watching the passing people and letting time just pass by. The majority of this type is suffering from depression; nobody likes to bother being around them, because everybody wants to enjoy and have a good time. We know these people and just acknowledge them with a sign during the semester. They don’t participate much in student activities; although, they are diligent in attending lectures.


#7 Nerds

Also called the doctor’s pet. They take front benches in lecture rooms the and laugh loudly at professors’ jokes which have gone past the point of being fun. Some of them get beat up for not sharing exam answers. Majority, if not all, of these students are found in the library or study rooms, where they sit behind some large books solving some triple integration formulas or developing some new scientific laws. For relaxation, a group of these students flock the nearest study room, assign teams and strategize each other to death with the latest on line gaming hit. Instead of wasting their time explaining everything to each student seeking for an answer, they find it easier to say “I don’t know”. Their parents are proud of them after every semester.


#6 Models

They pretty cool guys who seek to get some attention at any cost. Most of them are also associated with the socialite class, but they tend to be more concerned with their looks, their looks and only their looks. They usually have braces, designer clothes, pre-made hair, make up, retouch. Some of these students are ramp models; the majority however just ramp around. These people are never out of fashion. They even invent the latest fashion. They are only interested in makeup and fashion. Girls raiding mum’s wardrobe and make up bag. Feeling all grown up; they look like they have raided Boots. They all look alike. Can you imagine what would happen if all girls tried to look like those models we see? Simply, all girls would look alike!


#5 Relationshippers

They are lovebirds who perhaps assume that MIU is the best place to find their life partner. You can seldom see them single, and if you do, the next day they will have a new guest just to tease the old one. They really love drama and apperciate whoever loves it too. They fail subjects sometimes and always fall in love. These students would unite and participate in riots and rumbles without any ounce of fear, but will run away and hide from their crush. Sorry to inform you that the “Kate and William” fairytale, is quite a rare one.


 #4  Opportunistics

You have to literally look through your fingers when you are dealing with this type of students because they are extremely selfish. They are concerned only with their own personal profits that they can gain out of you. If you get high grades, they will ask to borrow your notebooks. Whether you have a car, an apartment nearby MIU, certain qualities and talents, or even if you have a lot of friends on campus, they may be using you to get close to your friends. During vacations or spring breaks, none of them text you “how are you”. But suddenly call you just because s/he wanted something. They will never bother talking to you unless you have got something to give or you are good at something they can get benefits from. However, when you burst in their face, they become upset. So, yes this type is always looking for personal gain, even when they claim not to.


#3 Rebels

They have horrifically strong views and love nothing more than a debate with anyone. They enjoy voicing their opinions, turning any regular conversation into a political issue, listening to others and then explaining to them why they are wrong. They follow their parent’s footsteps in the political world. Majority of them are well refined because of their background. They like to be in charge and act as leaders. It is conventional for these people to be involved in clubs or the Students Union, and they will happily sign any petition at the SSO that is in-line with their thoughts- which usually means they get things done. They always say “No offense” and after that phrase comes an offense!


#2 Activists

The typical student you just encounter trying to hang on in the university. They are just the regular students, who go to the university, attend lectures and enjoy the occasional social events; they are over-achievers who always try to balance between good grades and campus social involvement, so they become happy for their achievements and gain great friends consequently. However, they face the risk of getting over involved and not having sufficient time left for their studies or social life.


#1 The Helpful Good Guys!

Anybody need a helping hand? They are the guys who gain respect because they share answers during exams and quizzes. Moreover, they share their notes in study groups. All students get benefits from them. They are perhaps the main reason some of type #1 students are still passing courses. They volunteer and help them pass the exam through a crash course just the night before. They enjoy helping people if they are lost or upset.Nevertheless, if they are freshman they will act like a super second semester senior.WARNING!!! If you are this type, make sure to reread number #4.

All of them have their pros and cons and MIU wouldn’t be the same without them. But the question is which one are you?