Begin Again

A short story that'll put you in a romantic mood even if you don't have a Valentine this year.

Author’s NoteListen to Taylor Swift’s Begin Again while reading to be fully immersed!

I got into my Prada high heels, which were always his article of ridicule whenever and wherever he saw them. Having brushed my hair and curled it into the perfect Taylor Swift replica. I got into my car and drove off into the busy streets of Cairo. Each bump in the road reminded me of each scar he left on my heart, as they were carved deep inside it. I reached our specified destination, which is a French cafe that’s new in town. I too, tried to act as if that relationship was new. He was there- early actually, which was a brand new thing for him to do.

He grabbed my hand in the way only medieval knights used to do, kissed it, and then gallantly opened the door. I stepped inside and was amazed with the amount of antiques in that place! He really knew that this was the perfect spot for me. Yet, I still put on my poker face, as I didn’t want to reveal how I’m weak for him. We sat and he already had ordered before I arrived. He requested two peach tarts and two Cafés au lait. Now I was 100% sure that he was trying to please me and reconcile our relationship. Still, I didn’t give in. He talked about how he missed my presence in his life, and how I was the driving force for him. Little by little, bit by bit, I was being pulled into him. He was too irresistible actually. What I realized was that my heart is already shattered into fragments, so why bother struggling when it’s impossible to break it even further? Why shouldn’t I just let the hands of fate guide me, and stop resisting them? All those thoughts, fears, hopes and worries echoed within my mind whenever I took a glimpse at his amber eyes. Is that a fire that’s erupting within them?

We ate and then I discovered that he had already paid, so I couldn’t get a glimpse of the cheque. I told him that we should part ways now, as it’s getting late, and maybe fate will round us up again soon, but he insisted to go to my car and have a chat there. We did, and out of all the memories we had, we talked about those movies we watched together during Christmas. I understand now why, as that was when we were at the top of the stairway to Heaven- yet it all came crumbling down, how ironic. He still remembers those moments when we giggled and cuddled during those stormy nights. He still remembers the naïve blonde, who sacrificed her life for him, but got null in return. That was 3 years ago! I felt then a surge of energy when he held my hand, and gazed into my eyes. It was as if lightning coursed through my nerves, I could feel it dancing at the tips of my fingers from joy. Ready to be released, ready to give in, ready to say I’m yours- again. Yes, it began again! To be exact it began again on a Wednesday in a French cafe! My mind raced back in time to the same scenario three years ago, but oh how much has changed! Here’s hoping it wasn’t just a facade, but even if it was, I’ll let fate glide me through what’s about to come.