Couples You Run Into On Valentine’s Day

And it's V-day again..

It’s that time of year when the independent souls that made it out alive from being single on New Year’s Eve, get one step closer to pulling the trigger on all those couples. Here are some couples you might run into on Valentine’s Day…

The First-timers

Those are the ones who are spending their first V-day together as a couple, so expect endless Instagram posts and snapchat stories of how he surprised her with a teddy bear that is stuffed with candy and tied up with helium balloons, that are covered in petals of roses and all that, which is literally smothered in perfume. Don’t worry you won’t need to guess if they’re first timers; it’ll be practically written on their foreheads.

The Best-friends

Ya ged3an oxem bellah ehna bas best of friends, omg couple eih bas

They aren’t together ya guys, oxem. But we all know the truth. This couple went from being “best friends” to a couple, but just aren’t ready to tell everyone about it. Even though they’ll buy each other gifts and all but they won’t be posting it on Facebook.

The Married Couple

Those are the ones who have been together since fourth grade for example; so over the years they’ve transformed into that faux married couple who’ve done it all over the years, that they no more celebrate it or make a fuss about that day.

The One-Timers

Those are the ones who are celebrating this day with their flings, which most probably will cause them to end this couple of days post Valentine as neither of them wanted things to get serious nor official.

The Hopeless Romantics

Those are the ones who love being in love. The ones who talk about their other half all the loving* time. Those are the ones who started planning their Valentine’s Day pretty much last year on this very same day.

*Censorship because this is an age-appropriate article

The Loners

The ones who never got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone so all they do is envy and trash-talk the couples, zaye keda.

The On-And-Off

Those are the ones who fight all year long but managed to get over their grudges and make up right before that special day and next thing you know, they are back to breaking up once again, the day after Valentine’s.

The Fakers Perfect Ones

They are way too perfect as a couple, so much that a part of you starts to believe that they’re faking it. But are they?

The Physically Attached

They can’t seem to keep their hands off one another, and if you hang with them they’ll most probably make you very uncomfortable. You’ll find them behind the N-building.

The Twinzies

The ones who will be dressed up like one another just to make that day an example of their union and how they both complete one another. *eye roll*


(The long distance relationships)

These couples will either subscribe a new internet bucket to FaceTime video call their “baes” all day long, or they’ll be wallowing in self-pity for not being with them on that special day.

The Group of Friends

These are a bunch of single friends who don’t want to participate in such a discriminating day, so they decide to just hang as a group and gift exchanging could also be an option.

The Love Declarer

These are the ones who practically wait for Valentine’s Day to declare their love to their baes. Just like they did every single year since 10th grade with every single “bae” they had along the years.