HAPPY “K”new YEAR Episode 2: Resolutions Of MIUans

For those who are doing the whole “3awad fel finals” concept, take this year’s resolution as an oath to excel academically & join the long list of students.

What are New Year’s resolutions?
They are basically the things we hate doing and want to change or things we want to start doing in our every-day life so we eagerly await an absolutely irrelevant day, the first day of the New Year to finally grow a pair and clean up the mess in our lives.
What are the suitable resolutions for MIUans?
Resolutions may vary on a very wide scale but they are mostly about ending old habits like cutting your cigarette consumption number or how you feed on your body when stressed; as in teeth grinding, lip biting (not in a sexy Angelina Jolie pose kind of way) or -worst of all- nail biting especially that the New Year is embedded within our hectic finals’ schedule. Also, for those who’ve been trying to lose weight since they had joined MIU, maybe you should reconsider purchasing healthy meals from saludable and fight the urge to eat from the other handful of fast food-sellers scattered all over campus starting 2016. As for those of us who ended up going with plan B –or C in some cases- and are doing the whole “3awad fel finals” concept, take this year’s resolution as an oath to excel academically and join the long list of ranked students! …or maybe just start getting grades that barely let you pass classes and actually enjoy summer in Sokhna or Sahel for a change. Finally, for all the rebellious ones who can’t get over their “I’m-too-old-for-family” teenage phase, grow up; accept your family and allow them to get to see more of you for the love of God!
People will bring you down….
You’ll always read tweets and Facebook statuses that are pure mockery of resolutions and how they always end up as an epic fail, however, you got to stick to your oath and not break down easily. Here’s how and why…
How to stick to your resolution?
Try picking something that you won’t quite in a week. You either start your first attempt with resolutions with an easy-peasy thing or you could go all in with something serious. In the first case if you drastically failed, the loss would be minimal and if you succeeded you’ll be encourage to-do more resolutions that become more serious throughout the years. As for the other case, without sugar-coating it, the chances that you break down and prove them right (the ones all over the social media who I just mentioned above) are high but if you were persistent enough and did not give up easily along the way, nothing will seem impossible.
Why should you stick to your resolution?
Little do you all know, this 365-day challenge is a life-changer! If you were capable of surviving the torturous process of crossing out one bad habit from your endless list this one time, learning to achieve anything in any sort of way or even starting something you’ve been procrastinating for decades, you know you’ll be able to change anything you want without having to wait a whole year for the following year’s resolutions.
In a Nutshell, what does one have to lose with a New Year’s resolution? Pretty much nothing. You challenge yourself which ends up with maximum personal benefit or minimal loss, actually even the loss is not so much of a loss. Think about that as you dig deep for this year’s resolution. And always remember that no one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.