MUN celebrate their opening with Jeep

Impressions of MUN's opening ceremony.

“Today is the most important day of MUN MIU because we now have 100 members and 240 delegates.” The Model United Nations, MUN, opening ceremony was hosted by Mostafa Eid one of MUN’s members.

Yesterday, Wednesday 25 November, MUN had their opening ceremony in room OOA in the Main building at around 5 PM.

Bassem Ismail, Secretary General, took the stage and talked about the great expectations he has for MUN,  in his speech he promised all the new delegates in the room that MUN will help them achieve all their dreams & aspirations.

Dr. Saraya, one of Mass Communication’s esteemed professors, said “MUN is my favorite club” which further illustrates the impact of MUN not only on the students. He then stated that he’s especially proud of the fact that “It is activity-demanding, with zero dropouts last year.”

He also pointed out that there are students who graduated from the university but would still take a day off work and celebrate the opening ceremony each year; this year it was Nahla Aboul Nasr, the previous Secretary General, congratulating Basem and passing on the torch wishing MUN a great year filled with success.

We talked with two delegates asking them about their favorite thing in the event and MUN as a whole.

“The spirit, you really feel the love and passion in the air,” Meryam Ahmed.

After devouring the complimentary cake everyone was given at the ceremony, Farah Abbas then told us she “loved all the Nutella and the fact every time I meet them they give me food, you’d probably find pictures of me eating on their page.”

Taken by Omar Khaled

Taken by Omar Khaled

Later, the Secretary General brought the opening to an end and said, “we need to be the change in this world. I need you to Believe that one man can change the world.”

Having a word with Ismail, we asked Ismail about their sponsor, Jeep. When we asked him about their choice and if there was a relation to MUN, he said,

“Jeep is a mixture of legacy, adventure, and fun therefore it’s a reflection of MUN. When Jeep sponsors you, people will see how great and high your image is.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 5.01.15 PM

A number of students have been posting about the Jeep on campus, expressing their surprise of seeing a Jeep showcased like one would see in a mall.