Are the zodiac signs really altered?

True or hoax?

There has been a rumour going around lately about wether the star places has changed in the sky, and you can see almost everyone freaking out about waking up as a gemini or the newly-created “Ophiuchus” the next day -yes thats how its spelled-

Clearing up the fuss fog

First off, if this change was to be relevant and true, it would only apply to people who are yet to be born not already breathing and living among us. Since the zodiac sign traits only effect a newly born baby -read the previous article about zodiac explanation-, its not applicable on people who had their sign cut out for them already and live by it. Also there has been no declaration from the NASA organisation about a solid change in the star alignment system set related to the “Tropical zodiac” yet.

Tropical zodiac?

Science side of Insider strikes again: According to Russell Grant, an Astrologer, to the BBC news, There are two kinds of zodiac-reading systems; the “Vedic system” used by India and others, calling it a “sidereal” system. And the other system, the “Tropical system” where he explains it being used by the western astrologers, “there are fixed sectors of the sky through which the movement of the sun, moon and planets is tracked to create the basis for horoscopes.” confirms Grant in the BBC article “Have the zodiac and star signs changed?”


Since this whole issue has been an “annoying red herring” to astronomers according to BBC, the claimed creation of a new zodiac sign “Ophiuchus” is basically rejected by astronomers just like the movement of the tropical system, as its originally unchangeable; “The tropical zodiac is fixed and immovable. It is static – whatever happens to the Earth’s axis.” Now, the localisation of this new sign in the sky is fairly dismissed since its reference points varies from one system to the other -sorry for the too much science- therefore, suggesting that no new sign is added, and no dates are changed.

No change, no cry

 Finally, All Arieses will stay Aries and all Aquarians are still Aquarius, no matter how many years pass and as Astrologer Jonathan Cainer notes “I’m delighted that I’m looking at the exact same sector of the sky that my Babylonian equivalent looked at,”

So for those of you zodiac-enthusiasts, simmer down, you wont wake up as another weirdly-named sign.


To know more about this issue read the BBC News’s Article attached: