Ramadan and Covid vol.2

Covid disturbing your Ramadan spirits? Don't worry we've got your back!

Ramadan is almost upon us again, and no, you aren’t the only one who is surprised by how fast the time flew by. But, while most guests are anticipated in this holy month, one unwanted guest have been part of all of our households for what is now the second year in a row. Yes, you guessed it right, COVID-19!

Yet, will we let this ruin the month for us or stop us from doing things that we so dearly wait for and love? Of course not! Here’s a list of things to be done; after getting done with lectures and what should be studied of course.

Get Spiritual    

Ramadan is the month in which we connect more to our spiritual side and focus on getting closer to God. Make sure you make some time for reading Quran daily, and remember it isn’t only about the amount of pages you read, but also about the consistency and making sure you connect to the meaning behind each verse/ayah.

Also don’t miss the chance to gather the family and pray the Taraweeh together. Nothing feels better than having our feet at the tiniest bit of soreness after doing something that feels worthy, while surrounded by those who we love.

A Home Full of Stars            

DECORATIONS! DECORATIONS! DECORATIONS! Fill that house of yours with all the thinkable decorations there are. Lanterns at every corner, and fairy lights hung up in the balconies and on the windows. Know those lovely  Ramadan corners that you get to see every year on Facebook? This is your year! Bring a small table and lay a Ramadan themed tablecloth on top of it with a small plate filled with dates beside your new Ramadan to-do list. Complete it by putting down your favorite praying mat, and don’t forget your copy of the Quran too!

The More the Merrier -BUT SAFETY FIRST-

Whether it’s family or friends, try to have as many Iftars with people whom you love and cherish, as this month is all about the warmth of the surrounding company. But remember, safety comes first.Try to stir clear from closed crowded restaurants, and make meals at home instead. Gather your friends in a close park and have a picnic style Iftar, and don’t forget to bring a lot of beverages! And when it comes to family, gather up in small groups so you’d get to see the whole family throughout the month, and don’t forget your masks around the elders. Make sure you fill  their souls with warmth while keeping them safe.

Keep Up with your Favorite Artists

It’s time to subscribe to our faithful streaming apps to not miss a new episode of any of the awaited series. Or, if you like it old style, keep an eye on the different channels, and write down the perfect schedule that includes all the things you can’t wait to watch, plus you get to memorize all the cool advertisements, which is a Ramadan specialty of course! Some of the shows we personally can’t wait to see include ‘Naguib Zahi Zarkash’, which is going to be a lighthearted comedy with a nice message behind it starring the beloved Yehia El-Fakharany. Followed by ‘Al Ekhtyar 2’ which comes back with a new season after the first one left us all in our feels, feeling nothing but pride for our army. And, of course ‘COVID-25’, starring the genius Youssef el Sherif, who left us all mind blown after ‘Al Nehaya’ this past Ramadan. And to wrap it up, we also can’t wait to see  ‘Le’bet Newton’ and ‘Khali balak Men Zizi’, starring two of our absolute favorite actresses Mona Zaki and Amina Khalil.

Get Nostalgic

Here’s something new for you to do; instead of trying to keep up with what’s new, take a trip down the memory lane instead, and have some nostalgic nights filled with a lot of heartwarming memories. Download some of the old series you used to watch as a kid like ‘Bakkar’ or ‘Basant w Diasty’, and grab some popcorn and relive those days.

Or have an online watch party with your friends who lived those exact same memories with each of you, cuddled up in their beds while laughing at the scenes which didn’t make any sense to you as kids. And another option would be to take an even further step down that memory lane by watching some of your parent’s favorites as ‘Bougy w Tamtam’ or ‘Nelly w Sherihan’. Nothing makes the heart happier than hearing their laughter over their own childhood memories and telling you all about them for what is probably the hundredth time.

May this month bring you the peace you’ve been looking for the whole year. Ramadan Mubarak, beautiful people!