The Golden Parade: Transference of Mummified Pharaohs Captures the Attention of the Whole World

In a multi-million-dollar event, the world is silenced in awe upon the grandeur of Egyptian history.

In an internationally anticipated event, 22 mummies were transferred from their residence in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Al Fustat.

Dubbed the Golden Parade, it was announced on the 24th of March by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that 18 kings and four queens will be transferred to the newly developed National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in an event that is set to be broadcasted all around the world.

The anticipated spectacle took place in the evening at 6:30 pm presented by TV host, Jasmine Taha Zaki, who proudly announced that 22 royal mummies are being transferred that night while briefing the viewers on their historic achievements. A common theme that was found that night was the magnificent costumes and dresses that donned the women of the night, most of which were made by local designers! The gorgeous dress that Taha wore was designed by Nour El Azazi, an Egyptian fashion designer, who managed to capture the drapery of the Pharaonic dresses while modernizing it appropriately. The dress was highly appraised by the viewers all over the world and all over social media platforms as well. Nour El Azazi also designed Nelly Karim’s dress, who will make an appearance later on in the show.

Following the introduction of the mummies, President Abdelfattah El Sisi inaugurated the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization accompanied by the Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El Anany. They both toured the museum inaugurating the central hall that exhibited all of the historic eras of Egypt and the royal mummies hall that will act as the final home for the Pharaohs as well. Anany stated that the royal mummies hall is designed specially to mimic the atmosphere of the Alley of the Kings where the mummies were discovered in a manner that transfers the visitors as if they were there. The NMEC is open as of now to the public. However, the royal mummies hall will be open on the 14th of April as the mummies need further restoration and adjustment before being displayed.

Taking place in the main theater of the NMEC, the events of the parade were being broadcasted there alongside a magnificent orchestra that stole everyone’s attention and hearts with their remarkable performance. The orchestra was led by the Egyptian maestro, Nader El Abbasi. He conducted the united philharmonic orchestra with 120 musicians and 100 singers for a new composition by the Egyptian composer, Hesham Nazih. Riham Abdelhakim, Amira Selim, and Nesma Mahgoub were the amazing soloists that put the entire audience in a state of transcendence. Their magnificent dresses were also designed by local brand, Temraza. Perhaps one of the additional highlights in that performance was the mesmerizing ancient Egyptian piece sung in its original tongue.

Recent restorations and archeological discoveries that were done in the past few years were uncovered in a short documentary starring the actor, Khaled El Nabawy. The night was indeed star studded as various actors and actresses participated from several historic locations all over Egypt. Actors included Ahmed Helmy and Karim Abdelaziz while actresses included Nelly Karim, Hend Sabry, Yousra, along with Mona Zaki who kicked off the parade from the Egyptian Museum. This was all tailored with Mohamed Mounir’s new song made specially for the parade.

In a Steven Spielberg worthy scene, the ceremony began by performers holding orbs of light spilling out of the Egyptian Museum in unison with “Egyptian Blue” lights encasing the path followed by military drummers procession and ancient Egyptian chariots. The glorious floats holding the mummies made their way down the street going down Tahrir Square all the way to the NMEC.

Upon arrival at the NMEC, a 21-gun military salute greeted the mummies in an entrance fit for royalty while the president made his way to the main entrance to receive the royal Pharaohs and queens in a manner similar to welcoming royals and world leaders.

There is no doubt that this spectacle spotlighted Egypt in a whole different manner. Occasionally, the world needs a reminder of the grandeur of Egyptian history and its magnificence, and yesterday’s golden parade served as the perfect reminder.