A Moment of Exhalation for a Whole Race : Derek Chauvin Found Guilty in Death of George Floyd

The world collectively breathes a sigh of relief after Chauvin’s verdict.

Finally, after an era of resisting the darkest days of systemic racism the black lives are experiencing everyday with all its anxiety and fear; a beam of light cracked into the barrier of injustice.

As the verdict was read in the trial at 4:35 on the 20th of April, 2021:

After the jury and examining the evidence with experts, the former Minneapolis police officer Derek officer is found guilty in all of 3 charges:

• Second degree unintentional Murder; Maximum sentence: 40 years , but the states sentence guidelines in U.S suggest it would be around 12.5 years, especially if there are no previous criminal records
• Third degree murder; maximum sentence: 25 years
• Second degree Manslaughter; Maximum sentence: 10 years

On the crime committed against George Floyd, the 46 years old peaceful man.

On the 25th of May, 2020, “I can’t breath , I can’t breath” were the last words of George Floyd in almost the most 10 horrifying minutes for him, his family and whoever witnessed the suppressive crime, while Derek Chauvin kept pressuring his bloody knee on Floyd’s neck with no empathy even through the victims’ surrender position till the time of death.

In the light of acknowledging how the Floyd’s case helped in waking up the flame of a lot of protectors once more, calling for justice and also with the support of “black lives matter” initiative , it proves how the current verdict is not only a single verdict of its kind, but it triggers a macro situational crisis African Americans are facing for generations with the fact that they are not treated normally like any other citizens. For example, if we can recall the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, and much more others.

The former president “Barack Obama” mentioned in his words on the verdict “our true justice is about much more than a single verdict in a single trial”. With conformation of president Biden “ passing the George Floyd policing bill to the congress”. In addition, one of the political analysts also mentioned “ justice is a practice not an end” hence the verdict and the confirmation of passing the bill are just the beginning. It is crystal clear now that there are a lot of aspects to be considered in reforming policing and law systems to achieve equality and peace between all citizens.

And as usual, we all hope for a positive change at least now to let all souls believe that their lives still truly matter and finally exhale once more without a single burden.