Singles’ Guide To Valentine’s Day

Single yet again on Valentine's Day? Here's your guide on how to spend it, solo!

Being single on the most celebrated, love-related holiday of the year is definitely a tradition. Most of us continue to uphold, but contrary to popular belief, riding solo on Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a bad experience, instead here are a few ways you could spice up your Valentine’s Day, without a significant other!

Treat Yourself:

You don’t have to wait for a significant other to get you gifts, you can just shower yourself in all that love! Buy yourself flowers, make use of the discounts on chocolates and treats, as well as the many Valentine’s Day offers. Maybe even have a spa day full of face masks and bath bombs! Basically show yourself some love, cause you deserve it the most, besides aside from giving you a sense of confidence and empowerment, this practically guarantees that you’ll have a sweet, happy Valentine’s, regardless of your relationship status!

Enjoy Your Own Company:
Dress up and take yourself out, to eat, to dance, to explore even! Go somewhere you haven’t been to before, or take a tour through a museum or an art gallery, basically think out of the box for ways to enjoy on your own. If you’re not in the mood to go out, you can always stay at home with a movie, a book, or just doing things you love, all on your own!

Have a Galentine’s Day:
Galentine’s Day is all about you and your girls! Plan a day with your friends and spend it just having fun together, whether it’s a sleepover, an all nighter, a dinner or a gossip session, you can always make Valentine’s Day about your friends too, who needs a  boyfriend when you have your gals?

Try Out a New Recipe:
Break out your cook book or your Pinterest recipes board and try something new, maybe put on some music and really enjoy your time in the kitchen, you can make yourself a unique dinner or even bake a sweet treat, either way cooking will make you feel lighter and it will provide a fun distraction, rather than texting that ex!

Those timeless romcoms like “You’ve Got Mail”, “She’s The Man”,”13 Going on 30″ and obviously “How To Be Single”, were made to be binged on days like these! If romcoms aren’t your thing, just make a small list of your favorite movies to watch throughout the day or simply continue binge-watching your TV shows, Netflix was made to be binged on anyway!

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones:
Love doesn’t have to be about romance, and it doesn’t need to include a significant other either, you could spread the love by spending Valentine’s Day with your friends and family. Plan an itinerary full of fun activities to do together and enjoy the warmth that comes with giving affection to those who truly matter.

If you’re single this Valentine’s, we hope this helps you have a more fun, laid-back day, that’s all about love in its various forms, have a happy Valentine’s Day!