Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Craving some good vibes with your partner? Here are some of the top spots for a romantic Valentine’s date.

It’s undoubtedly every 14th of February confusion! Are you confused about what to do with your partner or where to take them? Of course, every couple will be facing bulk of thoughts and plans! Each one will be searching for a way of showing their other half how they love them, and this could be by giving them gifts, sharing the day together, or going out on a romantic date. So, in this article we’re going to save your planning time and provide you with the best date spots where you’ll experience calming and romantic vibes with your beloved partners.

To those who would like to go out on a dinner or lunch date, you can take you partners to one of these restaurants:

  1. The Smokery, Katameya Heights: You can enjoy its international, sushi, French, European cuisines with its beautiful cozy vibes and greenery views.
  2. CaiRoma, Downtown: You can enjoy its Italian, Egyptian, and Mediterranean cuisines along with its very reasonable prices for adult couples.
  3. La Casetta: An Italian restaurant with the same romantic theme at all its branches where you can enjoy the casual dining in a relaxed comfortable setting.
  4. Villa Belle Epoque, Maadi: There, you can enjoy its delicious international cuisine with the hotel atmosphere.
  5. The Revolving Restaurant, Cairo Tower: This is the most unique place you can ever take your partner to and enjoy eating your food with the beautiful view of the Nile and Cairo from above.

Although many couples would spend their day in a romantic date outing, the upcoming activities would be some good choices for those novelty seekers who would like to get off the traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s day. Thus, you could do any of the following ones:

  1. Ice Cream Walk or Dessert Outing: You can head to the best ice cream sellers in town like Dara’s Ice Cream or Dolato. Moreover, you can enjoy the tasty dessert places like Dunkin Donuts and House of Cocoa.
  2. Bowling or Jumping Games: When it comes to bowling, we have IBC, the largest bowling center, while for having the best jumping experience, you guys can go to Gravity Code or AirZone where you’ll experience a whole new different kind of Valentine’s outing together.
  3. Spa Together: Here comes the relaxing part of the day! Going to the spa together and relaxing will make your day a different one than the rest of the days. You can enjoy it at Le Quell Elite (Zamalek), Devarana Spa (New Cairo), or The Resense Spa (Kempinski Hotel). In addition to all of these relaxing ideas, why don’t you go for an arcade date? Who said it was only for kids? The competition is even more challenging now.
  4. Picnic, Camp or Both: Wadi Degla Protectorate is definitely worth the clout. You can eat breakfast there, have a barbeque, watch the sunset, and stay overnight and stargaze.
  5. Horseback Riding and Boat Cruise: Ride horses with the view of the Pyramids, and watch the sunrise along with the view of the Nile.
  6. Museum: Lately, new magnificent museums have opened up in Egypt. These places include the Museum of Illusions and Baron Palace. Have a look at one of them, and don’t forget to take tons of photos.


If you don’t want to go out on the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day, here are some activities you can do at home:

  1. Give a visit to your forsaken kitchen: Wouldn’t it be more fun when you do it with your partner? Bake cookies or a pizza. Try a new recipe together (If you haven’t tried Gigi Hadid’s pasta recipe yet, you’re missing out).
  2. Watch a chick flick movie: An old classic that never gets dull like When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail,Sleepless in Seattle, or To All the Boys: Always and Forever, the third and last part of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It just aired on Netflix.
  3. Relive your childhood for one day: Play your once were favorite games or color in an adult coloring book together.
  4. Have a photoshoot: So many rad instagrammable pictures can be taken at home with the touch of a Pinterest hack.
  5. Give love to those in need: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. From the comfort of your own home, you can send a simple SMS to a hospital or a charity organization, and yeah that’s it you’ve successfully donated money!

Whether you decide to stay at home, do everybody’s favorite thing, which is eating, or spend the day in a different way, we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!