Public Disapproval of Haneen Hossam’s Overtly Supportive Parents

Haneen Hossam was released from jail after paying a 5,000 EGP fine. Yet the headlines did not cease to find a loophole to criticize both Haneen Hossam and her parents.

In late July TikTok famous, Haneen Hossam along with four other defendants were sentenced to two years in prison and a hefty 300,000 EGP fine for violating Egyptian family values and principles and luring young girls into posting provocative videos for strangers in hopes of getting some extra cash during the economic set back the country has witnessed due Covid-19 lockdown. After spending 9 months in prison, Haneen Hossam was released from Al Sahel police station after paying a 5,000 EGP fine.

Yet the headlines did not cease to find a loophole to criticize both Haneen Hossam and her parents. Instead of focusing on the mistreatment and the government’s apparent ways of trespassing her civil rights, the focus seemed to have shifted to the fact that she took off her hijab and was quick to nitpick and bash her parents’ ways of raising their daughter, Haneen. Moreover, disapproval seemed to be the first thing Haneen had to face from the public after 9 months of confinement, and how quick she was to get back on social media and post content of her dancing and celebrating her long-awaited freedom. Haneen explained her choice of taking off the hijab publicly as a way of shutting those who kept saying she does not represent hijabis and posted a picture with her parents for the first time, thanking them for their constant support and trust in her during these hard times. Yet, this action only seemed to have sparked more anger and hatred towards Haneen and trigger some of the public more than ever with remarks and hate speech directed towards her parents; accusing, blaming, and even went as far as pinpointing their inability and failure to properly raise Haneen. This response sparked rhetorical questions and worries of how some might fail to comprehend a mother’s unconditional love or a father’s perpetual hustle to protect his child.

Unfortunately, it seems to those criticizers that parenthood ends when his/her child gets into trouble with no place for reprimanding, rather instant disowning ought to be the solution. Haneen’s parents stood by her side from the beginning of the trial, pleading the judges and overtly defending their daughter against the various charges she has been wrongfully accused of and did set an example that a parent’s love should forever be genuine and unconditional. Haneen’s parents accepted their daughter’s fall back, expected, and required nothing in return from her. Unfortunately, what many fail to comprehend, or refuse to grasp, is that there’s no secret or some voodoo spell to enchant a child to become some sort of well-disciplined half human half robot-like, sorry to burst your bubble but the second you carry your child between your arms you’re expected to deal with their mess-ups so long they experience and go through every mess-up out there  and learn their lesson.

You have to be there for them, you should not question nor restrict your affection fearing they become spoiled. You should give them so much love that it fills their hearts to the brim, you must offer them all the tenderness in this world that makes them yearn for this beautiful lot of emotions and know they can seek it only in their parents. It’s as simple as that, it takes only this to raise a child. Yet, this affection and encompassing care that Haneen’s parents innately displayed seemed as what some of the public would perceive as a recipe for disaster when it comes to raising their youngster.