Horrors In A Daqahlia Household

Daqahlia encounters yet another barbaric, brutal incident between a father and his child showing that humanity is not a built in option for all people.

No household is ever free of arguments. Even the most stable families will have their disagreements from time to time, and that’s just a result of the different mentalities of each family member. But an argument is the one that ends peacefully with no inflicted pain, specifically not physically.

A few weeks ago, social media platforms were swarmed with yet another inhumane incident that made us all question the humanity of some people. A father, who certainly does not deserve such a title, from Daqahlia had a fight with his wife which made her leave the house and head for her parents’. After a bit, the father asked to see his daughter, and despite the mother’s disagreement at first, her family convinced her that he was his daughter’s father after all and deserved to see her, but apparently some people never have righteous intentions even if it is concerned with their own flesh and blood. The father got a hold of his 1 year old daughter and took off all her clothes, including her diaper, and left her crawling in the middle of the streets in such a freezing weather as a form of punishment to his wife. The man forbade anyone to come near her, and no one dared approach her because he was deemed dangerous, and this was not the first incident that the neighborhood had encountered from him. Both the baby’s mother and grandfather tried to reach her and spare her the pain that her own father was the cause of, but people held them back because they feared for their safety.

The mother took the decision to film the whole incident from the balcony to share it as a cry for help, because she had a monster for a husband, and she felt like there was nothing else that she could do. In the video, the cries of the pained mother could be heard, and the helplessness was clear in her voice as she saw her only child being tortured right in front of her by a man that she took as a lifetime partner, but proved to be not only non-worthy for a tie that should last forever, but also a danger to both her and their child. It was claimed by a couple of people that the father had the intention to even burn the child but she was taken away before he got the chance to.

We’ve learnt through watching several interviews with the mother and her family that this was not the first time that the father showed abusive behavior. It only took them two weeks as a married couple before he started showing his true colors, leaving his wife bruised, and hurt both mentally and physically. She talked about days filled with terror and fear because she never knew what else he would do to her as he left her with almost life-threatening injuries at some point. Not only that, but he also threatened and blackmailed by taking inappropriate photos of her so she wouldn’t dare expose his deeds, and he even refrained from registering their daughter in the birth records.

In this case social media had a great impact. The mother’s voice was heard by many, most importantly the government, and her husband was arrested earlier. Now we are all waiting for the fair judgement of the law, hopeful for a proper action to be taken against him.

This story is one of thousands that happen everyday and mostly remain unheard. It brought our attention to a couple of issues that should be highlighted. Beginning with the fact that parenting is just not meant for everyone. A man or a woman who bring a child to the world only to feed their needs for control, and channeling it through torture towards the child should not be called a parent. In the previous scenario, this is not a man who deserves to be called a father, for he is anything but a fatherly figure. It’s not one’s decision to be brought to this world, so if someone decides to bring a soul to roam this earth, the least that could be done is to treat the kid with care and love. The rest of the world will make sure to hurt, and to show cruelty as this child grows older, so let their home be a warm sanctuary from what’s outside.

And another issue is the lack of humanity that we see around us everyday. There was never and will never be an excuse for such extreme forms of abuse towards any other human, let alone a literal baby. For how long are we going to tolerate the existence of such people with no clear form of punishment towards them? And how long will it be before we hear about yet another crime against all meanings of humanity? Let’s just hope it is a long wait..