From MIU to the UN: A Business Graduate Shares 4 Tips On How To Work At The Global Organization

To Be Successful, Focus on Your Personal Growth

With its unique international character and its great impact on the world, many dream of working at The United Nations; yet, the global organization receives gazillions of high-standard applications for their job openings, so it is extremely competitive!

Fortunately, we sat with alumnus Fadi Magdi, who works as a Team Assistant at the UN since 2016, to share some tips and tricks on how to land a job at the UN or any  international organization. Graduated from the faculty of Business Administration and Trade in 2013, Fadi started working with the United Nations World Food Programme, then he moved to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Here are 4 golden keys to hack your way through the UN application process:

  • Believe in Yourself 

Despite reaching his position coincidentally, Fadi mentioned that being in the United Nations is not an impossible dream, but it can come true if you are working hard and developing yourself. He mentioned that sometimes that an opportunity that came coincidentally can be a great path to find yourself and your passion. He explained that any opportunity will open many doors, and provide many great opportunities in the future.

  • There’s No Secret Formula 

“Any person who is very committed and who is eager to learn new things, has soft skills, and is capable to participate in a teamwork, is qualified to work at the United Nations or any international agencies,” as Fadi explained. The Business graduate believes that there are no specific steps to follow to be a member of the United Nations or even to work at any career. A student or a graduate can work on their soft skills, learn new things, and keep their eyes on the vacancies that are available to apply.

  • Experience Makes Wonders 

Fadi mentioned that qualifications in the United Nations differ from one vacancy to another, so there is no standard list of requirements to follow. Yet, he stressed that the applicant should be a graduatewho has excellent soft and interpersonal skills,and had participated in many internships or student activities before.

The UN Team Assistant pinpointed that student activities develop the applicant’s interpersonal skills that will help later on after graduation. Also, he ensured that participating in the Model United Nations is a good way to start in the United Nations as a career, and any international agencies; it introduces a good background about the United Nations, and to know its environment. It provides the opportunity to make a conference, and to learn its objectives. The conference helps to make a research and debates that need a professional respond. Also, it helps the students to accept the cultures and other opinions.

  • Never Give Up! 

“They have to keep their eyes on any vacancies that are available for the UN, and to participate in any opportunity, even if it is a volunteer job, and to keep applying, and never give up, because applying to the United Nations or any company usually take a great time to be accepted,” is what Fadi said. He firmly believes that developing yourself, trying new things, and getting feedback is the best way to know your flaws, which will later help to reach any dream job. It is extremely crucial to be patient, as building any career takes time to flourish.

Anyone can be successful, you just need hard work and patience. So, get to work, and get yourself equipped to be the next president of the UN General Assembly.