Things to Do During Winter Break

Wondering what to do during winter break? The Insider MIU has got you!

Wondering what to do during winter break? The Insider MIU has got you! We know how hard it is to have a vacation during a pandemic. We remember the first quarantine back in March, the one we thought was going to last a couple of weeks, HAHA. Most of us were trying to get a hold of what’s going on, hence we wasted that time. However, now during the second wave of coronavirus, we’re not as shell-shocked as before, so we don’t want to repeat our mistake and instead, use that time for our own benefit. We tried to find things you can do while still being cautious, things most of us have been lazy to start doing but since we now got plenty of time on our hands, there’s nothing stopping us.

1. Read

Look at all those books on the shelf you haven’t even touched. Those novels that you know you won’t be able to stop reading until your eyelids drop and you’re forced to go to sleep because of how tired you are. You’ve got all the time in the world for this now.

2. “I will do this later” things

Organize your wardrobe, the one you said you’d organize the last lockdown but didn’t, remember? Wash your makeup brushes. Organize your makeup. Arrange your socks drawer and find those long lost missing pairs. Clean up your room, like really clean it, throw in the trash all the waste in your drawers and donate what you don’t need to charity. You’ll be surprised by the amount of free space you’ll have in your room after this.

3. Board games night

They never get old and they’re always fun. Gather up your family, bring “sequence”, I’m assuming it’s your favorite because I mean It. Is. The. Best.

4. Dream park on a weekday

Do you know that movie by Mohamed Fouad where he bribes the security guard so that his niece can enjoy the amusement park at night only because she wants to? I swear it feels like this on weekdays. There are not so many people. You can find yourself walking alone in certain areas. Besides, the queues to each ride are almost nonexistent so you get to try each ride more than once if you want, unlike in the weekends where you can’t do that. So you’ll have fun while you’re still taking precautions. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Create content

If you know what you’re passionate about and you think it can be a benefit to others, what are you waiting for? This requires a lot of time which you now have lots of.

6. Work out

Many platforms offer online training. Try to find one with groups so you’re supported and motivated to do it. You can use this time to make an inspiring change.

7. Workshops/ courses

Whether your skill is writing, cooking or baking, and you want to improve it or maybe you want to learn a new language, what’s a better time to do this than now? Since the first wave of coronavirus, more online workshops are available. If you don’t trust those, you can always use YouTube. You can learn anything through the internet. And remember, practice makes perfect.

8. Entertain yourself

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Yes, you can use the time you have for your own benefit, but you can also take a break every now and then. Do a thousand-piece puzzle and actually complete it. Binge watch that eight-season TV show. Finish those movies lists that are all over the internet. If you don’t know about them, they’re basically specified lists you can find easily on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Whether you’re into Marvel, Disney, chick-flicks or horror, there’s a list for you.

9. Put a smile on a loved one’s face

A simple “I miss you” text can make a hard day a thousand times better. A DIY gift. A fun one-hour call. A compliment. Whatever it is you’re capable of giving, do it today, every day. But please don’t let that person be your ex.

10. Get to know yourself and the people you live with better

Quality time is underrated. You have 0 distractions and more time to spend with the people you live with, whether they’re family or friends. Play 21 questions. Play dinner quest (a game where you can’t eat the next bite unless you answer your question). Ask them about their future plans or how they discovered the career they’re passionate about. Ask them about their interests and be interested in listening to them talk about it. Really get to know them. And reflect, this will help you to get to know them and yourself better as well.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope it makes you happy during the vacation with no regrets following it. Stay safe.