#TheInsiderMIUxRiseUp: The lessons that COVID exposed and can no longer be ignored

One of the most enriching and recharging talks RiseUp hosted this year was by Dina El Mofty and Olla Abbas and it is: ‘The lessons that Covid exposed’.

One of the most enriching and recharging talks RiseUp hosted this year was by Dina El Mofty, Founder of Injaz and Olla Abbas, Head of Mindvalley Arabic and it is: ‘The lessons that COVID exposed’.

In this talk we find how Olla Abbas was able to identify her 4 stages of facing Covid’s mental effects during the lockdown and what her tools were to beat the mind games that the lockdown was playing on her.

Stage 1 : Denial
Up till a certain time during the lockdown, Olla was not able to process that the entire world was forced to slow down its pace and so do workaholics. She kept denying this fact until Mindvalley decided to make their work held from home.

Stage 2: Fear: sinking and embracing realityOlla opened up about her fears of how anxiety crippled to her whenever she watched the news in the first early weeks of lockdown. She said it was very scary to step into the unknown and to be forced to live in it for God knows how long! But eventually she had to accept that fear and express it rather than suppress it if she wanted to maintain her holistic balance.

Stage 3: Identity Crisis and nothingness
By this stage Olla was facing her worst fears; an identity crisis. “I did not know who I was in this pandemic. My work defined me and it was on hold. I was truly lost,” she also expressed how it took her a lot of digging to find out that she was going through this dilemma. She had to unfold her layers and examine them, if so to say.

Stage 4: Reconciliation
Eventually Olla came to a realization, as she realized that all the previous stages were for good reasons which she exactly said “ Redefining myself” but could she do that? Luckily she gave us 5 tools in order to survive any other mental distress not just the lockdown.

Tool 1:
“There is this concept I learned especially in denial called ‘The Beautiful Destruction’ in other words, the world you know collapses in order to help you get a new one,” stated Olla. She added that by acknowledging this tool, she was able to overcome the denial stage. It was a prep tool to help her discover new aspects

Tools 2 and 3:
It’s hard to separate these two tools as they complement each other. You have to live in grief and sadness in order to overcome them. If you keep suppressing them, eventually you will get burnt-out quickly. Which takes us to tool 3 which is harvesting the good by tuning into yourself and building an emotional connection between you and yourself!

Tools 4 and 5:
Also these two tools add a lot to each other. Practicing journaling on a daily basis helps you “untangle your emotions and check the facts,” as Olla says. While tool 5 is basically keeping fit and active by exercising and eating healthy. A good body nourishes a good soul as they say!

Olla advises us that each individual needs this journey in their life in order to develop and figure out their purpose. So what’s stopping you?