TheInsiderMIUxRiseUp: 6 reasons why you should attend RiseUp Summit this year!

All the details you need about this year's RiseUp Summit

Number One: Obviously, you can attend from the comfort of your own home!!

This year’s Riseup will be held online from the 10thof December to the 12th. The online summit is tailored just for you! Where you will have to access hours and hours of content from different speakers. In addition to that, you will get the opportunity to speak with different investors and attendees through networking circles, consultation office hours, and talent matchmaking. Accessibility to all different stages is now easier with it being only one click away.

Number two: Lower tickets price for students! 

The Summit’s Regular tickets are priced at 350 EGP, While students get a special price of 200 EGP. Another reason to attend such an enriching experience!

You can get your ticket here!

Number Three: 100+ speakers are featured this year!

Taken from RiseUp’s Facebook page

No matter what you are interested in, what your passion or desired career is, there will be something for you at this year’s RiseUp Summit. There will be 119 speakers of different entrepreneurial backgrounds and fields at the 3-days event giving you the opportunity to attend different talks, workshops, and to interact with the speakers. The agenda for the three days is divided into three different channels, The Capital Channel, The Tech Channel, and the Creative Channel. The speakers will feature people of different field like Susan Sabet, publisher at fashion magazine, Mandeep Rai, international bestselling author of “The Values Compass,” as well as CEOs of different companies and organizations such as Shayrine Ziadeh and Waleed Fahmy.

Number Four: This Summit can be the key to start your professional career!

RiseUp summit has started a new feature this year which will help you connect with different employers and get your professional career started! As previously mentioned, one of the features available this year will be talent matchmaking, where you can apply by stating your full name, your interests and other details about you and Riseup will match you to meet up with new employers or team members. This feature is available for both individuals looking for job opportunities as well as startup businesses and corporates that are currently hiring.

Number Five: If you are starting up your business, this is the Summit for you!

Small startup businesses are usually allowed to showcase their own work and explain their business to different investors and attendees. Through an application process, the summit accepts a number of startup businesses for this opportunity. You will then be given the option to purchase either the Basic Startup Ticket (850 EGP) or The Advanced Startup ticket (1350 EGP).

Number Six: This year’s message is something that we all need right now.

This year’s Rise up is titled “RiseUp Summit 2020: RESET.” The title is meant to refer to the challenges we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The summit states on their website that despite this pandemic being extremely difficult on all of us, “There is an opportunity through it, a genuine and pragmatic opening for you to reconnect, rebuild & reset.”  The message is one of resilience, positivity, and hope.

So there you have it! 6 reasons to attend this year’s RiseUp Summit…What are you waiting for?