First anti-sexual harassment summit in Egypt

The webinar aims at raising awareness around sexual harassment through workshops by experts and panels by relevant public figures.

E7na Foundation kicked off the first online anti-sexual harassment summit in Egypt on Friday 13 of November and Saturday 14th of November via Zoom.

The webinar aims at raising awareness around sexual harassment in a multitude of aspects; that includes setting boundaries, understanding the legal procedures to report harassment, the ongoing initiatives defying sexual harassment, the approach of discussing sexual harassment with kids and several more.

E7na Foundarion founders Dania Younis and Sarah Yassin

These topics are getting discussed through three workshops and four panels. Workshops are being given by experts, such Sally Toma, a therapist at O7 Therapy, whom had discussed setting boundaries. Followingly, panels are group discussions between relevant speakers for discussing specific matters and issues. For instance, the panel that took place which addressed how to utilise your social media accounts to defy sexual harassment, and it was led by Nadeen Ashraf, founder of Assault Police, Ally Salama, mental health ambassador and founder of EMPWR magazine and Aliaa Essameldin, founder of 7emaya hackathon that aims at developing an app to protect girls from sexual harassment.

“This is a movement, not just a trend. This a turning point in history,” says Aliaa.

Moderator Sherine Arafa moderating a discussion between Aliaa Essam, Ally Salama and Nadeen Ashraf

On top of these discussions getting carried out, several participating entities offered discounts and promocodes to their services for the attendees. The discounts will be sent by email to the participants.

Owing to the fact that these pieces of information are valuable and should be accessible to everyone, the webinar access is granted completely free of charges, all you have to do is register using this link, it is also available in the bio on theirInstagram account.

Additionally, if you missed Friday’s event, you can still register for Saturday. Saturday’s agenda includes Nour Emam; founder of thismotherbeing, who will be talking us through understanding the female body. Afterwards, it’ll be followed by a panel addressing the needed legal procedures to report a harasser by several lawyers, and an additional panel discussing how to approach sexual harassment with kids, which will be hosted by May Abdelasim founder of What Women Want magazine. Lastly, a therapy workshop will be set in order to address how to deal with sexual violence survivors, that’ll be held by Hala Essam, a psychosexual therapist.

The summit came in response to the uprising social media movement against sexual harassment which has been spiking up ever since July, in the wake of having 50+ girls speaking about the sexual and violent assaults they had undergone from the sexual predator Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who’s currently under arrest. Henceforth, girls and women all over Egypt have been speaking out loudly and courageously about sexual harassment and raising awareness for it and everything that encompasses it.