After winning the elections, what’s his Democratic plan for the Middle East?

Who is Joseph Biden that tries to join the White House since 1988?

Washington-USA- After becoming the 46th president of the USA; who really is Joseph Biden? And what are his aspirations for his presidential term?

Joseph Biden is well known for being a Veteran Democratic Politician who had proved his presence in politics since the 1970s. As he joined the marathon of the US presidential elections twice; the first time was in 1988, and the second time was in 2008. He was also the Vice president during Barack Obama’s presidency 2009-2017.

Biden was able to convince the voters that he has enough political experience to erase all traces left by Trump’s rule. He also wants to heal all wounds of the United States caused by the economic, health and racial inequality.

During his election campaign, Biden has promised to reestablish ties with the traditional allies of the USA that have been dislocated by Trump’s presidency; and pledged to unite the USA from the inside and make it respectable from the outside.

Regarding the Middle East, Biden has announced some decisions related to issues in the region:

  1. Palestine: Biden stated that he will not amend Trump’s decision regarding “The Deal Of the Century”, however he said that the real peace will be achieved through the establishment of two friendly states.  He also confirmed his desire for having a conversation with Palestine, this is beside the reestablishment of the US Consulate in East Jerusalem and the Representative Office of the Palestine Liberation Organization after their closure during Trump’s era. He would also resume security, economic and health aids to the Palestinians, which were suspended in the past four years.
  2. Iran: Biden has harshly criticized Trump’s policy towards (Tehran), asserting that it will just lead to Iran’s evading its commitment about suspending the manufacture of nuclear weapons. He stated that if Iran returns back strict to compliance with the nuclear agreement, he will try to provide a reliable way for Iran  and the USA to rejoin the nuclear agreement as a starting point for follow-up negotiations.
  3. Saudi Arabia: “We will reassess our relationships with Saudi Arabia. Although the USA will not abandon its values to sell weapons or buy oil, its support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen will end.”-  Said Biden during his election campaign.

There is no doubt that many people around the world had to keep an anxious eye for the US elections as if their life depended on it; and no-one can deny that  those people are wondering will Biden who criticized Trump’s futility be able to change it or he might become a new Donald Trump.