Jeffery Epstein: A Never-ending Saga

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing serious repercussions in the aftermath of the Epstein case; but who is she and what is her alleged role?

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It seemed like Epstein’s case was sealed and closed after the news of his arrest, which was subsequent to the unveiling of his horrifying crimes, but that was not the case. People started further digging for additional information regarding his crimes and the potential of the existence of any accomplices, looking into some of his secured connections and how their roles fit in his crimes. In due course, several events had taken place succeeding Jeffery Epstein’s death, two of which are the most important; the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell and the release of Epstein’s private plane’s travel logs.

  • Ghislaine Maxwell and her alleged role.

Epstein always made sure to surround himself with warm-looking women in order to put his potential victims at more ease and establish rapport even. Some of which had realised what was his intention, whilst others were none the wiser and were fooled into trusting him. One of these women whom he had always kept by his side, whom also had a significant role in Epstein’s life, is Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms. Maxwell was born into an affluent, luxuriant lifestyle; living in a 53-room mansion, attending Oxford and was one of the prominent members of the London social scene in the 1980’s. Be that as it may, it all came to a halt following her father’s sudden death, whom was involved in a yacht accident. Post his death, it was disclosed that he partook in a pension fraud, leaving Ghislaine with two imprisoned brothers and her trust fund as the sole source of her income.

Ghislaine, not someone to be deterred or stopped, moved to the United States for a fresh start. Soon enough, she integrated herself among the socialites of New York, becoming one of them. There is not a clear timeline of when Epstein and Maxwell had exactly met, though one thing for sure is that they got well-acquainted and grew intimate in the 1990’s. Given that the true nature of their relationship remains ambiguous, its strength is clearer than a cloudless summer’s afternoon blue sky. Ghislaine’s role in Epstein’s life extended from running his household; managing the hiring and letting go of household employees, to never leaving his side. According to the staff’s statements and testimonies, she was referred to as the “lady of the house” to them and as Epstein’s “aggressive assistant”. By the same token, Epstein would be heard referring to Maxwell as his “main girlfriend”, his “best friend” and it was seen and noted that Maxwell tended to organize much of his life.

Their close-knit relationship didn’t serve as enough evidence of her involvement, yet what got her incriminated were the victims’ testimonies. She was the hook that lured the victims in; a classy, generous British socialite that was offering less fortunate young ladies a good-paying job. Whenever any of these young women started growing uncomfortable around Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine would swiftly swoop in to reassure and comfort them.  As stated by sworn testimonies, she played a maternal role to these girls, making them feel as her own and refer to them as her “children”, creating a deranged family that consists of Epstein, Maxwell and their victims. Her alleged crimes didn’t just end there, in accordance to some the victims’ statements, not only did Maxwell, allegedly, punish those who would reject Epstein and any of the girls who had tried to escape, but she also had facilitated the trafficking of the victims among her social circles. An added accusation headed at her was that she had also joined in on the sexual assaults with Epstein. Not to fail to mention that she too, allegedly, recruited other women to help her track down more girls to become Epstein’s potential victims. Ghiselaine didn’t only manage and organize several aspects of his life, she presumably put in order every detail of the crimes which were occurring.

As soon as Epstein was arrested, Ghiselaine vanished in a puff of smoke. It took authorities a year to find her and hand her the court papers for her prosecution could take place.  The day she got arrested was one that called for a celebration by their countless victims, a day that Ghiselaine had never expected it would ever come. Her attorney made a complaint about how she spent 3 days with no access to any sort of bathroom facilities for washing up or showering, the lights of her cell was constantly blazing, and she was deprived of her legal reading materials; an excruciating smack down from her lavish lifestyle. Ghiselaine’s arrest wasn’t the only dreadful news she had received, on the 22nd of October the court ruled to unseal her previous depositions and other documents relating to previous Epstein cases. This ruling is not only thrilling to the public whom are dying to learn more about the case, such ruling can completely change the direction and the outcome of Maxwell’s case and other accomplices’.

  • The travel logs

Jeffery’s private plane was deemed the Lolita express, a plane used to transport some of the most influential people in and out of Epstein’s private island. Several travel logs were spread online prompting people to believe that several famous and high-status personnel such as; Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump were among those who were confirmed to have been on the Lolita express and visited Epstein’s island. Nevertheless, they all denied ever knowing what had occurred on the island or even took part in it. At the same time, after various fact checking, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks and Bill Gates weren’t among those who had visited the island. Spacey has taken the Lolita express, but the trip was planned to tour HIV/AIDS project sites.

  • Netflix Documentary

Although both articles delved deep into the case, there is still more to be covered and to be uncovered. Netflix had released a documentary further discussing this case, and it holds interviews with the victims. For additional information, please check the documentary out.