Harsher COVID-19 Restrictions Infuriate British Citizens

protests, demonstrations, and objections against the new social distancing rules in London.

London, Saturday, October 17, 2020. Demonstrators gathered in Central London opposing the general isolation proceedings adopted by the British Government due to the prevalence of COVID-19.

As about 57% of citizens have been subjected to the strict restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom after the rise in the number of patients to more than 15,000 new cases in one day, and reaching the “high risk” level; so people should not be allowed to gather in any closed area.

The demonstrators do not only think that COVID-19 restrictions are not necessary, but they also believe that these restrictions violate their human rights, and some of them oppose wearing their masks and taking any vaccines.

According to “Associated Press” news agency, the British Government has warned the citizens from ignoring the rules of social distancing, and said ” The police is going to deal with the protests and they will ensure that these rules are being applied. They will take law enforcement actions if the demonstrators insisted on noncompliance.”

It seems like there is a state of gloom and dissipation spreading around the world, specially in Britain, one of those countries which suffered a lot and is still suffering until this current moment. There is no doubt that all people around the world have become weary of this situation, however we need to be among those who can see that glimmer of hope which radiates and one day it will turn up carrying the remedy. You just need to believe in that day.