The Quick Spread of COVID-19 and How the World is Responding

Stay safe, stay at home.

*The numbers mentioned below are according to the date this article was written in.
It is just a month that has passed since the World Health Organization has declared that COVID-19 is a pandemic that threats humans’ lives, due to its quick deployment in a short period of time. Today, the 26th of March 2020 the WHO recorded the number of people who have been infected with corona virus, having reached 487,985 infected people , 22,038 death toll, and 112,07 people who got recovered around the world.
China’s National Health Commission mentioned on Wednesday that the Chinese mainland had registered a decline in the number of cases of corona virus, and all of them were coming from other countries.
The following are the latest updates about COVID-19:
-Prince Charles got infected with corona virus.
-Death toll in Spain exceeded China with 56,188 cases with positive results.
-Israel records the 5th death toll among 2495 cases. As a result the government started restricting people’s movements yesterday 25th of March 2020.
-South Korea records new 100 cases of corona virus, so the total number of cases became 9.241 cases.
-New York’s Mayor mentioned that the number of cases in New York reached 14,776 people, and the total number of cases in USA became 69,092 people.
In Italy, deaths toll raised on Tuesday, with an additional 743 deaths after two days of retreat.
-Egypt records new 54 cases of corona virus, 21 deaths toll, and 95 cases recovered among them 4 foreigners.
Due to these hard circumstances that the world is facing these days, many countries have imposed curfew on their citizens in order to reduce the spread of this pandemic, such as:
Spain: The Spanish government decided to impose a curfew for 15 days.
Russia: The Russian President Vladimir Putin directs the Russian army to carry out military training to face the spread of corona virus.
Egypt: A curfew for 15 days started on Wednesday the 25th of March, along with the disruption of studies in schools and universities.
France: A curfew for 15 days.
China: A quarantine for two weeks for those who are coming from outside even if they have not gotten infected yet.
There is no doubt that this pandemic intends to destroy the world with its quick spread. However, with our cooperation and unity as a one team, we will be able to overcome these circumstances, and pass these adversities. Thus, we ask you to stick to your house, obey the prevention instructions, and spread hope not desperation or fear. May tomorrow come and end this nightmare.