Life is Too Short, Get the Double Scoop

If you have an obsession for ice cream, this is for you!

Through the lonely nights, the long summer days, through the movie nights and long walks, one friend in particular never leaves our side. It’s cold but can warm our heart, you can finish a whole box from it and keep wanting more. You guessed it right! It’s ice-cream and no one can know better about ice cream than Italy.
Whether you call it Sorbetto, Gelato or ice-cream, Italy is the perfect place if you love iced desserts. However, one fact many don’t know is that ice-cream isn’t probably an Italian invention. Very likely, these desserts were introduced to Italy by the Arabs; this goes back to the 16th century.
On the other hand, ever since it was discovered Italians have done their best until it was perfected and until it became the most delicious dessert out there. To the extend that Romans established trade lines from frozen mountain peaks and transported blocks of ice to them, enabling the birth of the ice cream industry of the ancient world.
After the Roman Empire’s fall most of the luxurious desserts like ice-cream almost vanished but one man was able to bring ice-cream back to life. Years later Florentine architect Bernardo Buontalenti managed to create advanced ice cream refrigeration technique. Slowly ice-cream was finally famous. It happened in the 1920s and 1930s when Gelato started being sold by street vendors.
Today, Italy has more than 5,000 Gelato shops, 15,000 Gelato vendors and astonishing 55% of all Gelato ice cream is produced by them.
If you’ve ever been to Italy Gelato is literally everywhere. Here comes an important question though, what makes Gelato spectacular?
Two things, first: Look for these particular words: gelato fatto en casa (homemade), produzione propia (our own production), or artiginale (artisanal). These signal a higher quality of ingredients and finished product.
Second: Look at the pistachio flavor. If it’s bright green then walk away from that place. Flavors should resemble the real color of food so despite looking bright and cheerful it might not taste as good as it seems.
In the end, ice-cream will always be the remedy for a bad day or even if you’re just craving something sweet; it’s never not the right time for ice-cream. So don’t let the winter steer you away from it because with ice-cream life will always be better.