A HomeFest featuring Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, BTS, John Legend and more! Check them out while you’re comfortable at home.

James Corden making the pandemic (and our lives) more bearable by his HomeFest.

It turns out that internet really makes the world smaller. Doing a Home Fest in his garage, connecting with artists around the world, with only 3 cameras, and a laptop; James Corden has really taken quarantine entertainment to the next level. James Corden took us on a beautiful musical magical journey from Los Angeles to London, Italy all the way to south Korea.
What This Pandemic Taught us?
James started the show by saying few words about what the world is going through right now, and stated “I wanted make a show that can bring joy and some music into your home at what it seems without question, one of the strangest and scariest moments in all of our lives” He also mentioned that we are all in this together. He also highlighted that this virus showed us that we are all equal as it is nondiscriminatory and how our behavior can affect others. James added that he really learnt the value of family, friends and neighbors. He added that despite being apart, we are connected. For instance, through dancing, exercising, playing tennis through the balcony. He also made a shout-out for all the charities available to donate and give aids regarding the pandemic.
For the love of the piano and a little comedy:
So let’s get the party started! The best thing about this fest is that it takes you to different places, different genres and different languages which really shows the unity of humanity in such a difficult time that we live in. First, the amazing John Legend who was accompanied by his lady, Chrissy Teigen. John sang his song “Actions”. Then, there was a comic hand washing act presented by Will Ferrell recommending songs for 20 seconds. The “Bad Guy” singer, Billie Eilish gave a performance from her home accompanied by her brother Finneas. Together they sang “Everything I Wanted” on the piano. It was such a soothing melody but we couldn’t get enough of her cute dogs as well!
Magic and a surprise!
Moving on with the special guests, David Blaine joined the call and performed some magical tricks and you can see that “found your card” trick left James with an awe. Up next was Dua Lipa. she performed “Don’t Start Now” but we can see that she prepared a little surprise for the fest. She wasn’t alone in this video call, her whole band joined the video call, dancers, vocalists, long story short everybody was there in his/her home but although they are all apart ,you can see the harmony and synchronization was flawless. From London to Tuscany, Italy, the phenomenal opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed as well. Despite everything happening in Italy, Andrea shared a hopeful encouraging message to the world to stay positive , have hope, and be assured that everything will be over soon. Then, he started the iconic “Con Te Partirò” on the piano.
Last but not least, joining all the way from Seoul, South Korea; the most famous boyband on the planet: BTS! One of the band members, V asked the fans how they are doing and hoped to see them soon. The leader, RM shared his gratitude to have the ability to connect with the fans from where he is “We’re so grateful we can connect with you from here. It may seem like we’re isolated but we’re still connected through our shared experiences, courage, and laughter.” He stated. The boys then performed one of their top hits in 2019 “Boy With Luv” with the choreography and all, leaving the fans pretty emotional as it has been a while since they heard and saw the performance of the song. It was mentioned that their North American tour has been postponed due to Covid-19.