How Does Bill Gates See COVID-19?

Great minds can be of great help in pandemics, too!

Five years ago, Bill Gates stood on a Ted stage and warned us that the world was in danger of a major pandemic.
Last month, he said that this might be a significant one; he wrote that this could be then sort of once in a century pandemic. He added that it is more infectious than SARS and MERS, but not as fetal as they were.
The Microsoft co-founder considers the virus to be similar to the Spanish flu of 1918 as it is one of the viruses that are transmitted between humans. These viruses may not stop you from doing things in their early stages, hence, you may not know you have them, which could lead you to unknowingly infecting other people.
Gates tries to convince us that the testing is the main thing that indicates whether we need to go into isolation or not. Moreover, it ensures that we are not a source of spread. He sees that if we do not get tested and properly isolate, we could either get infected and/or infect others.
And about the strategy that can lead us back to normal, he said that we need the extreme shutdown in the next six to ten weeks, if things go well, we can start to go back to normal.
Gates said that the economy will be adversely affected, but bringing the economy back and doing money is more of a reversible thing than death. He added that it’s better to take on the pain within the economic dimension in order to minimize that of the death dimension. He asked people to get out the sense of creativity that they have.
Finally, he said that we will get through this, and when we do, we should be ready for the next epidemic.