France is Taking Precautions to Protect the Economy from COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting the globe, and this is how France is dealing with it.

During these days which are filled with panic and fear all around the world, COVID-19 has a great impact on both our social life and economic status.
In France, President Emmanuel Macron started taking safety measures to protect his country from the spread of COVID-19, as well as implementing new measures to save the economic situation.
Workers and employees will not lose their jobs if they could not work due to self-isolation, and will receive 84% of their usual net salary. Macron also stated that people should stay at home unless absolutely necessary, calling for companies and managers to let their staff work from home. In addition, the ministers have announced special childcare for those who are working in healthcare.
Moreover, it was stated that there will be a delay in taxes and payments, and there will be loans that can be provided for small companies and entrepreneurs who face difficulties in their businesses. “We will do whatever is necessary and more to support our economy and our businesses. It will undoubtedly be very costly for the state.” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said.
President Emmanuel Macron stated that the Europeans will not allow the spread of a financial and economic crisis, and that all European governments should take decisions to support this activity, whatever the cost will be. The president also highlighted that during these harsh times, we should cooperate with each other.
“Division will not help us to respond to what is now a global crisis. Our ability to see straight. We must avoid nationalist isolation. This virus has no passport.” he said.
Every person in the world has a great role to protect both himself and others from spreading the virus. This is what France had done. Can Egypt do the same?